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Disneyland’s annual card program is coming to an end.

Disneyland and Disney California Adventure parks, which have been closed for nearly a year due to the COVID-19 outbreak, are ending their annual ticket program as we all know.

The popular multi-tier ticket system that transforms the culture of two Anaheim theme parks into a daily, weekly or monthly hangout for many Southern Californians. The annual card program will eventually be replaced with offers for new members, Disneyland Resort President Ken Potrock told reporters on Thursday.

Potrock does not have a timeline for its future offerings, citing the unpredictability of the current environment. The escalation of coronavirus cases in southern California has made the amusement park not known when it will reopen or what restrictions it will face when it operates.

At the end of the annual card program ̵

1; refunds will automatically be awarded to those paying for several days after the park closed in March last year.Disney is pending a reduction in reservation-only capacity when California. Open to the park

But the move hits some of the park’s most dedicated and loyal fans in indecision. Although Disney did not disclose the numbers of the participants. But it is believed that the annual card program will have seven numbers. Fans who want and expect a “Disneyland fix” face the prospect of no longer having exclusive accessibility when parks. Open it again and hold your breath to see what the new membership program will be like.

The annual card replacement program is not expected until the outbreak is down enough for Disneyland Resort to welcome guests at or near pre-enlistment levels, Potrock said, in the long run he believes the move will. It’s the “silver lining” of the Disney outbreak, an opportunity to tailor the program to the still-unknown financial reality of many Disneyland fans, while possibly even more. A flexible floor for those who don’t need to consider themselves a regular parking person.

“The good part of this is creating a lot of different ways for people to reach the parks,” Potrock said. “If they want to come every day, do we have a program that helps them do that? If they want to come in the middle of the week, do we have a program to help them do that? ”

The change will not affect Florida’s Walt Disney World resorts. But visitors holding a “top-tier” pass that allows entry to parks on both coasts will lose California interests and receive a refund if applicable.

Those who hold an active annual pass after the park closed on March 14 of last year will continue to receive food and beverage discounts for the foreseeable future. In hopes of encouraging cardholders to continue to visit the Downtown Disney restaurants and shopping area adjacent to Anaheim Park, they will receive a 30% discount on merchandise from select stores. From Monday to Thursday until February 25 of this year.

Thursday’s move reflected Toyko Disneyland, run by Oriental Land Co., which ended its annual card program in October.

In 2020, Disneyland executives, along with other California theme park operators, pressured Gov. Gavin Newsom to let the parks open again. But in the fall, Newsom released guidelines linking the park opening to the rate of coronavirus infection and the number of people infected per 100,000 people in the county where the park is located, including: Equity standardDisney laid off or laid off more than 100,000 employees last year, in some cases blaming California epidemic safety rules.

Disneyland’s reopening is still months away. The timing depends partly on the ability of local residents to take preventive measures that slow the spread of the coronavirus and the speed at which vaccines are distributed. The mass vaccination will take place in a Disneyland parking lot, which this week is set to be Orange County’s first “super” vaccination facility.

Disneyland has been revising its annual pass program in recent years in an effort to find a balance between demand and attendance.

For example, in 2019, the resort added a $ 599 Flex Pass that allows entry on lower capacity days and bookings at other times.The annual pass for Disneyland and Disney California Adventure costs up to $ 1,399 for Signature Plus Floor, which allows admission to the park every day of the year.

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