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Do I have to wear a surgical mask outside? Sanjay Gupta replied.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s chief medical correspondent, answers questions from viewers about wearing masks, eating indoors and CNN’s “New Day” vaccination numbers.

Q: Do people have to go out and wear masks, especially those who are vaccinated?

A: Most transmission of Covid-19 does not occur outdoors, according to Gupta, he said, that less than 1

0% of the cases happen externally, and that it is almost 19 times more likely that transmission will occur internally. building

“Most of the time, you don’t have to wear a mask to go out,” Gupta said.

But people have to use “common sense,” he said, and should consider whether they are grouped and the case rates in their area.

“The real question you have to try to answer: What is the probability that I will breathe in other people’s air? Basically What is the number of people, types of locations … and what is the overall spread of the virus in their communities? ”Gupta said.

Q: How safe is eating food in restaurants?

A: Ventilation and congestion are big issues for indoor eating, according to Gupta.

“I think most places in the country where dining is full of energy, I couldn’t imagine getting advice. It’s just too risky There are still too many chances that you are actually exposed to the virus, ”he said.

Gupta said he would advise people to be aware of their limited diet and the rate of infection in their area before heading out to eat indoors.

Q: If people are reluctant to get vaccinated, will the epidemic last longer?

A: Gupta said we may “go in and out” of herd immunity as more people are vaccinated, while others refuse to do so.

“We might still be immersed in herd immunity in the summer, partly because you know the virus starts to spread a little as the weather warms, a lot of people outside you might not be treated. Spread too much But we’ll be seeing resurrection already in the fall, ”he said.

“The real question we’re trying to ask is how many people are immune to the virus,” added Gupta, which includes people who have been vaccinated – but also people who have been infected with the virus. Never knew


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