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DOJ asks judge to dismiss Trump, Barr lawsuit for Lafayette Square clearing

Justice Department attorney asks federal judge to dismiss former lawsuit President TrumpDonald TrumpNY, New Jersey rail project gets major federal approval, Senate meltdown reveals deeper divides, DHS formally bans family separations for illegal border crossings., former Attorney General William BarrBill BarrWatchdog Pushes DOJ’s Efforts to Block Trump Blockage Memo Release How long will Trump be immune? Federal appeals court throws challenge to ban additional M stock and other administrative staff In a forced clearing of racial justice protesters at Lafayette Square in June last year.

Washington, D.C. Chapters of the ACLU, Black Lives Matter, and other civil rights organizations. Sue the Trump administration and law enforcement officials over the use of chemicals, rubber bullets and other acts of violence. to disperse the protesters before Trump walked across the square to pose. For a photograph with an external bible St John’s Episcopal Church

The legal action has also been aimed at the DC Metropolitan Police Department and several other specific officials in the actions taken against protesters. which had gathered in the days after the police killed George. Floyd in May 2020

The incident resulted in four overlapping lawsuits against the Trump administration and law enforcement agencies filed on behalf of more than 100. Defendants of the United States, D.C. and Arlington County

Attorneys for the plaintiffs and the Justice Department presented the oral arguments before a federal judge on Friday. Lawyers for the government claimed that Trump and other US officials were unable to unite in a civil lawsuit with police over their actions to protect the president. The Washington Post reports

The photograph of Trump outside the church following the forced expulsion of more than 1,000 peaceful protesters was criticized by critics as a political stunt.

According to the Post, Justice Department attorneys also argued on Friday that given Trump’s 2020 election loss, future violations are unlikely. and added that President BidenJoe Biden Putin backs Belarus’ Lukashenko amid international pressure. Biden’s administration to impose sanctions on Belarus again Senate passes resolution calling for more investigations into the origins of COVID-19The Trump administration has not expressed the same kind of hatred that Trump has offered for the unrest and protests that erupted in the months following Floyd’s death.

At the same time, lawyers for the ACLU argued that the dismissal of the lawsuit would Washington’s ACLU’s legal director, Scott Michelman, said U.S. officials were “allowed for impunity” near the White House. “Can use live ammunition to clear the park. And no one claims it hurts their constitutional rights.”

The Justice Department responded by calling the president’s security a “critical” government interest, according to the Post.

After nearly three hours of verbal argument, Dabney L. Friedrich, U.S. District Judge. The Washington Department said she would file a motion to dismiss the lawsuit. “In the near future”

The Hill has contacted the Justice Department for comment.

Lafayette Square reopened earlier this month for the first time. It has since shut down after police withdrew protesters.

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