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Dolphin Emulator Updated with Major Improvements for macOS and Android

Dolphin is the best emulator for playing Nintendo GameCube and Wii games, and it’s not just on desktop PCs. The Android port has been around for years. And over the past two months, the Dolphin Emulator team has made some important changes. Dolphin can now run on Apple M1 hardware, and new fixes for Mali GPU-based emulation mean more games will work. That works better on Android devices than ever.

Dolphin just added native support for Apple’s M1 chipset late last month. It uses the project’s AArch64 JIT (Just-In-Time) emulator core developed for Android and Windows on ARM. Dolphin’s ARM support isn’t as complete as emulation on 64-bit x86 hardware, but its performance is amazing. in most games “Undeniably,” the Dolphin Emulator team wrote in a blog post. “The hardware of macOS M1

really works. It completely destroys the two-and-a-half-year-old Intel MacBook Pro that costs three times as much as ARM can access from a powerful desktop computer.”

Bar graph showing macOS M1 performance.

Dolphin performance comparison (Credit: Dolphin)

With powerful ARM-based hardware becoming more commonplace, Dolphin developers have worked to fix longstanding bugs and performance issues in the ARM emulator core. The floating point computation fixes fixed crashes and graphics issues. in Paper Mario: The Millennial Door, The Legend of Zelda: Flying Sword, Sonic Colors, Sonic Unleashedand other games Dolphin Emulator has fixed a bug with shaders on Mali GPUs affecting many games running on Android phones and tablets.

Dolphin is fixing a control issue on Android. The controller configuration has been saved correctly. and by changing the transparency of the buttons on the touch screen This makes it a bit easier to play games without a real controller. Check out the full blog post for everything coming to the latest stable version of Dolphin Emulator.

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