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Domestic disputes before Travis Rudolph’s murder arrest: affidavit

Travis Rudolph opened fire with a rifle at a group of four people who showed up at his home in response to a domestic dispute between the former Giants receiver and his girlfriend, a witness told police the word. Provides a possible cause published by WPTV.

Rudolph, who was arrested eight times as an undraft rookie in 2017, the Giants was arrested and charged with first degree murder and three attempted murder charges Wednesday in Florida. Police found one injured at the scene – taken to a local hospital in critical but stable conditions – and another killed from multiple gunshot wounds in the passenger seat of a runaway Cadillac. From the scene of the accident

A woman in Rudolph̵

7;s home blurted out that the incident was “self-defense” to investigators. But the former Florida football star, an unidentified woman and another declined to speak to the police further and demanded a lawyer to comply with testimony.

Travis Rudolph arrested for murder of Florida Giants
Travis Rudolph, the former giant receiver, was arrested on Wednesday on multiple counts, including the first murder.
Joseph E. Amaturo; Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office (inset)

Rudolph and the woman who identified herself as his girlfriend had a physical dispute on Tuesday night, according to the affidavit. Hours later, four people arrived at Rudolf’s home in Cadillac and knocked on the door with what the police later described as intended to talk. They had no weapons, one of the group told police.

A battle took place and one of the witnesses reportedly tried to destroy it. Rudolf, who is described as “fighting and confrontation,” enters his home and returns with a rifle and starts shooting while others get into their cars to escape, police said. Rudolph was accused of chasing the car and continuing to shoot.

Neighbors claimed to have witnessed a fight between Rudolph and his girlfriend, and later heard gunshots and found Rudolph walking back into the house holding a rifle, according to reports.

The credentials mention the on-site outdoor security cameras. But it does not indicate that the camera is working or that any images are recovered.

Police said the driver who fled the scene was unaware of even one left behind.

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