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Dr. Ashish Jha on herd immunity in the United States.

If you’re panicking after reading that public experts say the United States is not likely to immunize COVID-19, Dr. Ashish Jha has a message for you.

“This is not a sad story,” the dean of Brown University School of Public Health wrote on Twitter on Monday.

Doctors say many have been mistaken recently. New York Times article That examines expert predictions about the U.S. herd’s immunity criteria, where enough Americans are protected from the virus to make the transmission of disease from person to person unlikely. have Public health experts told the publication that herd immunity would not be possible in America in the foreseeable future, and probably none. They suggest that instead of disappearing from our lives, COVID-1

9 is likely to become a manageable threat that rotates over the years, with the magnitude of its impact dependent on the number of countries and the world being exposed to. Inoculation and the evolution of the virus itself

Jha who was not interviewed for time The story destroys the main points of the article. He stressed that although the herd immunity threshold for COVID-19 is higher than previously projected, improving vaccine access and opening up the channels for children will improve the country’s pathway to target percentage.

“We’ll have to check global vaccine variables, continue testing, etc.,” he wrote, adding, “All of this can be handled. Like many viruses, we will enter a new equilibrium state. And COVID will not rule our lives. And that’s the important thing “

He also added that herd immunity is “not an on / off switch,” so even if up to 80 percent of the experts’ predicted thresholds, the disease will not go away.

“As we enter summer and fall, we won’t be immune to the herd,” but the number of infections will be low. The vaccinated person is primarily safe. And with better treatment, the infection may become less of a problem. And life will return to its normal, remembered state And that would be good “

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