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Dr Giroir on ‘mixed messaging’ from Biden: he ‘made people disbelieve’ in vaccines

Former coronavirus czar tester Dr. Brett Giroir attended “America’s Newsroom” Friday to contend that President Biden’s COVID-19 response was sending ‘mixed messages’ to Americans about the vaccine’s effectiveness.

A second COVID-19 VACCINE cross could be ‘A long-standing epidemic,’ researchers warn

Dr. BRETT GIROIR: I think there is a lot of mixed messages out there and the information is really clear. If you’ve been vaccinated and people around you are vaccinated, your chances of dying from COVID are less than dying from a car crash, going out on the street, or doing regular daily activities. Criticize

Therefore, if you are around the person receiving the vaccine, you should not wear a mask. You are very safe If you̵

7;re outdoors, you can stay out and go out at any time without a mask. We know the transmission is very low.

So I think this is very confusing and makes people skeptical about vaccines. It is exactly the opposite of what we want …

There is no such thing as risk-free, and I think the CDC is approaching this because we have to have zero risk and we are not living that way.

If you’ve been vaccinated and others are vaccinated, you know your chances of getting COVID are. 008% and the likelihood of death is. 000001% which is much less than other activities.

So you are safe Get vaccinated and run your daily business.

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