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Dr. Theresa Tam says coronavirus ‘will not go away anytime soon’

Dr. Teresa Tam, Canada’s Chief Health Officer warned on Friday that while the COVID-19 vaccine is being injected in canada The end of the pandemic or the “disappearance” of the virus will not happen anytime soon.

“The pandemic is a global phenomenon. and Canada alone cannot be identified,” said Dr Tam. “But in our domestic context, We know that as Canada increases our vaccinations. Many countries have not been there yet.”

“Until the world is vaccinated, the virus will not go away anytime soon.”

Canada’s chief health officer stressed that she was looking for Canada to move through the “crisis period”

; of the pandemic. This means that the public health response doesn’t have to escalate over and over again to deal with. “Extremely increased viral activity”

The metrics Dr. Tam is monitoring include patient rates. The path of people infected with COVID-19 Vaccination rate and its impact on hospitalizations, ICU admissions, and mortality.

As questions continue to be raised about the more contagious COVID-19 delta variant. Dr Tam said that if public health measures were eased, the variable could “start” and become the main variable in Canada.

“This variable is important at this time. Because there is some evidence, although not a lot of evidence. but partially from the perspective of the laboratory but also some real-life data coming out of the UK to suggest that one dose of the vaccine provide some protection But not as good as two doses,” she said.

“This is an important reason to remind everyone to take a second dose.”

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