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Drama series Simu Liu and Jean Yun share allegations of unfair wages. lack of diversity and “Overtly Racist” storylines – The Hollywood Reporter

The fifth and final season of Kim’s Comfort It debuted on Netflix June 2, the same day that star Simu Liu opened a Facebook post as he felt. “Emotional” about saying goodbye to the beloved Canadian series about a Korean-Canadian family who runs a convenience store.

Liu is about to see his profile skyrocket with the Marvel superhero epic debut on September 3. Shangji and the Legend of the Ten Rings in which he took the lead has revealed some feelings in the past few months (disappointment, anger, resentment), but posted last week It was the first time he had detailed why he had struggled so much. Among his claims: The show has suffered from a lack of diversity among writers and producers. There is a discord in the background Actors are not allowed to offer constructive information. and the actors are paid “The horserider rate, of course.”


Liu said he was ready and excited about the potential sixth season. “I’ve heard a lot of speculations around. In particular, being given the role of Marvel means that all of a sudden I’m like ‘Hollywood’ for Canadian TV.” Liu, who plays Jung in a series created by white Ins Choi and Kevin and based on Choi’s stage play. “This cannot be further from the truth. I love this show and everything it supports. I can see with the naked eye how it deeply affects families and brings people together. It’s very rare for today’s show to have such an impact on people. And I really want to make my schedule work.”

In fact, Liu wrote that he wanted to offer himself more during the show – from writing to creative input – but was rejected over and over again. He found it “doubly confusing” because ” Our producers are overwhelmingly white and we are a group of Asian Canadians with a plethora of experiences to draw on and offer to writers,” he wrote. many people are happy But I remain focused on the missed opportunity to showcase an Asian character with true depth and the ability to grow and develop.”

He continued that the writer’s room “Lack of both East Asian representatives and women” and a pipeline to introduce diverse talents It claims to be in line with the racial calculations that are taking place across borders in Hollywood as the industry continues to hire and promote more inclusive scenes and writers. [Choi], No other Korean voices in the room. And personally I don’t think he’s good enough to champion those sounds. (including ours),” Liu posted, “when he left. (Without saying goodbye to the actors much) He did not leave any disciples. No Padawan learners There is no Korean talent that can replace him.”

Liu said he was trying to offer his talent. Submit screenplays and short films to prove his worth. At the same time speaking as well as his teammates. “But those doors were never opened to us in any meaningful way,” said his colleague Paul Sun Hyung Lee. has shared his disappointment about canceling the show in March. When he told the television station that Calgary HeraldCreator Choi stopped talking to him. “He haunted me,” he said. “I was really hurt by that, to be honest.”

Regarding the discord, Liu said, “This part really broke me. Because I think we are all dedicated to the success of the show. and realize how lucky we all are. We all have different ideas about how to get there.” He is also responsible for his own behavior. He admits that he is likely to say and do “stupid and unhelpful” things and is often viewed as a He said his behavior reflected his own insecurities. Instead, it was bolstered by real-life events such as wasting time on the screen. nomination insult and missed the opportunity given to his teammates.

“I didn’t have a mentor during this whole process. And no one from the show’s production team ever even reached out. So I might say and do stupid and unhelpful things,” he said, adding that despite his experience. He often works to present a united front to the press. when there is a change He was also paid He said he felt the actors were underpaid. “For the success of the actual performance”

“The whole process opened my eyes to the relationship between the powerful and the powerless. In the beginning, we were unnamed actors with zero power. Of course we will take everything we can. after one season After the show debuted with exorbitant ratings. We got a little boost to extend our contract for another two years,” he said, referring to Canadian comedian Schitt’s Creek. It does nothing compared to the actors in the series that are widely regarded as “Brand talent.” “But we never got together and asked for more — probably because we were told to thank you for being there. and because we are too afraid to shake the ship.”

When those worries were settled because the show was over. Liu then closed the post by thanking the “phenomenon” team for the day, saying he was impressed. After sharing the post, a lot of comments and news articles were immediately shared. One of them comes from John Doyle, a television critic from globe and letter that raised many of Liu’s issues. including Shannon, the show’s non-Asian character. (played by Nicole Power) was a standalone series while the Asian actors didn’t.

Doyle also had a problem with Liu pointing out the lack of diversity, saying: Kim’s Comfort It hired 13 female writers, and Choi should get more credit for writing the 65-episode script and the drama that forms the basis of the series. Over the weekend, Liu’s co-star Jean Yun who plays Umma, responded to Doyle’s column and backed up Liu’s post, saying it was “Korean-Canadian women [with] The more experience and knowledge of my character’s world, the lack of Asian women especially Korean writers in the writer’s room. Kim’s Made my life very difficult & painful experience working on the show.”

She opened up on why it hurts so much on the topic detailing Choi’s mysterious disappearance from so many different places. aspect of the show “It was evident from Mr. Choi’s presence on set. or in response to a script questionnaire between [Season 4] and [Season 5]This fact became a crisis and in [Season 5] We were told that Mr. Choi had regained control of the show. Actors get all drafts. [Season 5] Script before shooting because BE [COVID-19]During that time, we discovered a story that was so blatantly racist and culturally incorrect that the actors came together and shared their concerns.”

It was unclear what those storylines were or how Choi responded. Hollywood reporter Have contacted a representative for the show in response to the above claims and will update the story when it becomes available.

The show’s official Twitter account posted a screenshot of the social media post from “Award-winning writer and co-producer in South Asia” Anita Kapila, who is responding to allegations about a lack of representation behind the scenes. “I love working with every writer that comes into my work. Kim’s Comfort room, but today I want to acknowledge the public, women and BIPOC, I am honored to work side by side. I’m sorry if I forgot someone – please blame it on the vaccinating mist.” She listed the following writers: Clara Altimas, Nadiya Chettiar, Carly Stone, Sonja Bennett, Amelia Haller, Rebecca Kohler, Jean Kim, Barbara Mamabolo. , Kat Sandler, Sophie Marsh, Zlatina Pacheva, Allan Reoch and Shebli Zarghami.

Separately, the producers have been largely mothers on the trolls surrounding the show’s cancellation, which was announced in early March on the show’s Instagram page. Kim’s Comfort. At the end of season 5 production, our two co-creators [Ins Choi and Kevin White] Confirm that they are moving to another project. Since they left the series We have come to the difficult conclusion that we cannot offer another season with the same heart and quality that makes the show special.”

In an interview with THR Last month, Liu called the decision “a daunting task”. “It’s a betrayal”

“To let the actors tell them they were moving on. We have always believed that there are other color tones. that can fill that void and continue to create a true story for these characters. Over 65 episodes, Appa, Umma, Janet and Jung’s characters deserve an end and reconciliation for that family. He said, “What hurts me more than anything else is that we create a great audience that is encouraged and persevered to watch their performances. And we can’t give them the ending they deserve. It really sucks. I still feel very proud of our accomplishments and accomplishments.”

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