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Dream admits that cheats are enabled during Minecraft speedruns.

Minecraft YouTuber Dream has retaliated against allegations that he cheated while speeding up the game. and admits that he has increased the drop rate activated during these speedruns.

One of the biggest achievements of 2020 is Dream Minecraft YouTuber known for his speed run and Minecraft Manhunt series as well as his massive servers. has broken into the scene and has more than 20 million followers.

However, throughout his growing up Dream is constantly faced with allegations of cheating on his Minecraft Speed ​​Run game. After the allegations from the speedrunning website, he also hired an astrophysicist to convict him of the claim.

But since the astrophysicist̵

7;s report has been denied. Dream was left in limbo. without anyone knowing if he was really innocent or not


Even though he rose to the top of YouTube, Dream was accused of cheating.

In a May 30th Twitlonger post, Dream admitted that he increased the drop rate for ender pearls during his 1.16 speedrun, and apologized for dragging the speedrun website administrator “through the mud.”

He said: “When the first drama started. I care about self-defense and authenticity. Rather than figuring out what really happened, and I shot myself in action.

“I feel terrible for Mod. ‘Cause I dragged it through the mud Although most are correct.”

Ender pearls are a key element for completing speedruns in Minecraft as players need them to locate end portals and to access them. Increasing the drop rate through plugins makes this process faster.

But Dream claims he didn’t know this was happening during a fast sprint. He has an increased drop rate plugin enabled for his Minecraft Manhunt series and didn’t know they were also enabled for his speedrun.

“At the time I had determined that this could be a problem. But shunned because server side and client side are completely different. and as far as i know There is still nothing to do on the client side,” he added.

Dream explained that he is likely to release more statements in the future, but urged fans not to attack the website mod that decided to delete his record.

“I’m sure I’ll say more on this for clarity. But I want to avoid making more drama,” said the YouTuber. “Please don’t show any hate towards the mod team or anyone involved in this situation. I don’t want any more drama. If you do that, it’s not my advocate.”

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