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Dream admitted to cheating on Minecraft speedrun, claiming that he was ignorant of the illegal mod.

In late 2020, Speedrun.com announced a decline in the fifth-most popular run. Minecraft The speedrunner and content creator Dream Running, which was submitted in October, was rejected in late December after Speedrun.com led an investigation of the situation that lasted about two months.

Dream was staunchly contested with the results of Speedrun.com’s investigation and decision before accepting the Dec. 31 verdict, after the controversy continued to prove to be toxic for everyone involved. But today, nearly five months later, Dream posted his full view of what happened and what he thought was wrong after digging deeper.

In posts, content creators agree that unauthorized edits were used during the course of action. But claimed he didn̵

7;t know that the mod was working at the time.

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“As far as I am sure I am not cheating, I have never explored the options that I can make,” Dream said. “Because of the way I react to mods and know everything that happens, I am convinced that they are ready. To pick me up I saw the tunnel and was paranoid and didn’t think straight. I have a lot of valid reasons to believe that they are not neutral and have a team of mods and that I am completely friendly in the first place, I believe it will never get to the point. ”

Dream said when he began to dig deeper into the transport behind the situation, however, he realized he had used some format modifications that were not allowed during his six streams.

These mods are used to create videos developed by people he hires with. GeorgeNotFound The other content creators had “brushed off” the potential issue because the mod at the time did not affect gameplay and he thought it was disabled or only affected server-side gameplay.

Checking the details, Dream said he “ended up thinking that basically it was just a description,” and found that some of the improvements were also pushed on from the client side, so it could be used in single-player content. have This means that some improvements have been applied during single player gameplay. But he claims that he is unaware and has no direct visual indication.Dream goes as far as saying that other changes like Ender Eyes are less likely to destroy and Ender Pearls with a higher drop percentage are alive, for example. together But that didn’t lead to controversy at first

“When I realized this, I felt very guilty and I deleted my response, no longer believing what I said in the video,” Dream said. When the drama first started, I was more concerned about protecting myself and being right, then about figuring out what really happened, and I shot myself doing it. ”

After discovering this and removing the video, Dream said he considered a press conference. But decided against because “The drama has basically passed.” He claimed that he didn’t want to force people to return to the constant rejection after it was over.

Some of the hatred continues between Dream and the moderators involved in the case, with the group refusing to accept his donation from the controversial video and later removing the old speedrun due to suspicion the guys. He might have been tampered with in some way. This is a general policy, and Dream notes that he’s fine. But at first I was confused about why it happened so long after the first ban.

And while Dream said the mod team was “extremely unprofessional” throughout the dealings, he hoped he could handle the entire situation differently from the beginning. But it was just now that there was a good chance and he was still affected by the situation.

“I think the overall situation is terrible for everyone involved and I wish I could go back and do something different because it was the worst week of my life and it affected me every day. “I apologize to everyone who disappointed or disappointed me. I always try to be the best I can be and all the downfall is not the best that I can be or around.I hope this turns off everyone who needs it. I’m down, and I want to move forward with a positive feeling, as I do my best to promote as much as I can. ”

Dream summed up his words asking fans not to send their hate on the mod or anyone involved in the situation and to avoid further drama. He plans to further clarify the situation in the future.

You can read Dream’s thoughts in detail and delve into the situation in one of his original posts.

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