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Drew Brees can’t wait for “History Channel” with Tom Brady.

NFL: NOV 08 Saints at Buccaneers

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Between them, Drew Brees and Tom Brady have a lot of everything – wins, achievements, yards, touchdowns, rings. (Mostly Brady’s) Reward (mostly Brady’s) and respect.

“Tom and I have friendship and mutual respect,” Breeze said on Wednesday.

While Brady has more rings and rewards, Brees has the advantage in a one-on-one fight.

They will meet for the third time this season, the eighth time and the first in Brees 5-2 against Brady, including 2-0 this season.

“We sent messages back and forth on Monday, just chuckling all these situations, right?” Brees said. “He’s 43, I’m 42 on Friday, that’s 85 and a lot of football experience going on Sunday.

“When Tom Brady signed for Bucs and I knew he was coming to our division, I imagined the game. What was nine months ago? Eight months ago? I imagine this game will happen because I know our inspiration as a team, to be in the playoffs and on and on and I know for sure that he is bringing Bucks and that talented roster to be. how So I think this might be where we all imagine getting to this point this season. ”

The combined age of 85 will make Brady and Breeze the oldest defender in NFL history.

Brady tweeted a meme for the elderly, portraying the all-time great, while the older defenders are ready for battle in The History Channel.It’s a play on the Saints-Bears broadcast jukebox. When last weekend

Brees retweeted and chuckled when asked about it on Wednesday.

“Unfortunately, they make me look like my dad from Family Ties. I don’t like the hairs. I’ll be honest, ”Brees said.“ I would have liked my hair a little thicker. I know I am getting older and will probably lose a little. I will like the top hair more. I never had a beard, that’s what I have for my future. Maybe I have a nice and nice beard. But I think it’s a joke. “

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