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Duke Tobin: Bengals will not be greedy for the 5th pick.

NFL: February 27, including scouts.

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Cincinnati Gals already had a defender in Joe Burrow’s overall No. 1 pick last year. With an expected run of defenders in this month’s first multi-selection NFL Draft, the Bengals, currently the fifth-placed pick, could end up with one of the potential defenders who are not ranked defenders. Early in the draft group

With that knowledge, the director of personnel of Bengals players Duke Tobin said they were not meant to be too cute when first qualifying was required later this month.

“We felt we were in a good position,” Tobin said on a podcast with news anchor Dan Hoard. “We have to be careful not to be too greedy and get out of the point where we might lose players. Premier level goes and we feel we will get one of the top players in this draft. We feel that there are enough men of the fifth draft to get real men that we feel comfortable with. And gained popularity in the desired position “

Tobin cited Kyle Pitts in Florida, Oregon, dealing with Penei Sewell and Ja’Marr Chase wide-receiver LSU, as everyone was the type of player who played a key role in the Bengals creation process.

“All three are high-level target groups at the top of the draft and we feel that suits us and make us a better team,” Tobin said.

The Bengals have eight of the total currently for this year’s draft. If all the top players they think are still ranked 5, perhaps the Bengals will consider sliding down a bit to increase their allotment later in the draft, however Tobin and the Bengals are intent on keeping it simple and Get one of the top talent to be available to them when they leave later this month.

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