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During Michigan’s ‘tick bomb’, a free app tracks tick levels. Help users avoid tick bites.

Michigan has been a very “tricky” year, with outdoor recreation Facebook groups posting panic about the alarming number of ticks people find outside their homes. on pets, themselves, and even in the home

With true ‘tick explosion’, the creators of The Tick are urging people to download and use the free app to help prevent tick bites and infection from tick-borne diseases like Lyme disease.

The Tick app, available for both iOS and Android, was developed by researchers at Michigan State University. Columbia University and the University of Wisconsin. This app is part user guide. Optional behavioral studies to help researchers track timing of tick activity and identify areas at high risk from ticks.

After completing a 5-1

0 minute one-time questionnaire, users can find tips on preventing ticks. Learn the process of getting rid of ticks. and see how much tick activity is present in their area.

The app also allows users to submit reports of sightings and tick bites. The researchers personally responded to each report within a few days with the suggested species code, as well as the pathogens the species could carry.

Jean Tsao, a tick researcher at Michigan State University. who helped develop the app, The Tick, said the app was meant to be a one-stop, portable resource for safety and tick protection.

“It’s like a little reference guide,” she said. “It puts all the information we collect – what we think is useful information – into the app.”

Some, but not all, ticks found in Michigan can harbor disease-causing bacteria, viruses, and parasites. decades ago Ticks are not very prevalent in the state. But in the past few years Ticks have expanded their range and resulted in an increase in the number of Lyme disease cases reported in Michigan each year.

As the number of ticks and cases of tick-borne diseases increased throughout the Midwest and the Northeast, Research is underway to determine possible ways to control the arachnid population, Tsao said.

In the meantime, public health experts are stressing the importance of preventive behaviors such as tick screening, wearing repellent. and avoid areas with high ticks, such as tall grass and leaf litter.

hope is one day Such safety measures are routine. Like other preventive health behaviors, like wearing sunscreen or wearing your seat belt, Tsao says the Tick app aims to help embed that behavior with the option to turn on daily tick alert notifications.

Tsao said she hopes the app will help these precautions become commonplace. while also helping people feel safe when outdoors.

Learn more and find a web version of The Tick App at theticapp.org for mobile devices The app can be downloaded in the Apple Store and Google Play.


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