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Dwayne Johnson is starring in the holiday movie Red One for Amazon.

Dwayne Johnson wears red.

Dwayne Johnson wears red.
photo: Stewart C. Wilson (Getty Images)

today diversity reported announced that dwayne Johnson will star in an Amazon Studios film called Red One That’s “four-pointed action-adventure comedy” (meaning it’s a movie that will appeal to both kids and adults alike. taking place around the world, and Dwayne Johnson will replace the cameras in during acrobatics) related to “A whole new universe to explore within the holiday genre” (which we’ll guess means it’s a movie about Christmas characters). diversity press release that announced that the film is considered A “unique concept” that “covers not only supporting films but also supporting films. But it also has access to more than entertainment across a wide range of industries and businesses.” It was basically a movie they could make Funko Pops.

The movie will be written by Chris Morgan, a Fast and Furious A veteran who recently joined Johnson Hobbs and ShawBut the best promotional offer Johnson has gathered is a collaboration between Johnson’s Manufacturing Company (Seven Bucks) and Amazon that is “backed by some innovation. partial reclamation and a lot of positive energy and passion.” we There he was talking to someone who actually read it. diversity to receive the news as they wait for their assistants to lead Tesla around so they can go to the premiere of the unique concept film they created. But basically he didn’t say anything there.

since there is nothing to say clearly Red OneLet’s clear up the confusion that might arise if you’re a huge Dwayne Johnson fan who likes to keep up with updates on his work. This is the first time we’ve heard of Amazon shopping. Red OneBut this isn’t the first time the streaming service has picked Dwayne’s cars. Johnson with the word “red” in the title: At certain times of the year Netflix is ​​about to launch red announcementThis is an (probably) unrelated action movie starring Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds. It’s about an FBI agent who works with criminals for whatever reason. It’s not an entirely new cosmic exploration within the Holiday category, so please Don’t mix them up. Both are on separate streaming services. So it’s not like you can accidentally buy a movie ticket when you intend to watch another one, but… we just want to point out that Dwayne. Johnson is going to be in a movie called red announcement and movie Red One. That’s all.

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