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Dying Light 2 December Release Date & New Gameplay Trailer • Eurogamer.net

Dying Light 2, the sequel to Techland’s parkour-infused open-world zombies, has – after a few years of relatively turbulent development – has finally received a release date. It will be released on Xbox, PlayStation and PC on December 7th, and Techland has released a brand new gameplay trailer to accompany the news.

Dying Light 2 takes place 20 years after the events of the first game. In a world destroyed by a mutated version of the original virus. With more than 98% of the population lost, the remnants of humanity have gathered in the vast metropolis of Villedor, known as The City, and it is here that new protagonist Aiden Caldwell finds himself searching for his family. are

So far, Techland has drawn a broad picture of the adventures that follow. It addresses key themes such as Dying Light 2̵

7;s 2-4 player co-op, the return of day and night cycles. and a focus on options and consequences. Today’s developer livestreams don’t go beyond those core concepts. But have compiled a few more details.

Dying Light 2 – Official Gameplay Trailer

It all starts with a day and night cycle. In the daytime, Dying Light 2 is all about humans. As Aiden roamed the streets and on the rooftops, Sweep and explore along the way. He must be wary of dangerous bandits, criminals, and gangsters whose sole purpose is to plunder and kill. However, he will also encounter members of the city’s three main factions: Survivors, a brutal group of former prisoners known as traitors. blackmail and peacekeepers Determined to set laws and regulations in their own way for the people.

Techland says the choices players make will determine which clan becomes an ally and which clan becomes an enemy. while other actions Will shape the city and experience in various ways. Choosing a story mission affects the narrative and ending, for example, while the city alignment system can affect the appearance of the world and even the tools available.

Techland explains that water and electricity cans can be restored in all areas of the open city. which is divided into two main regions and several zones And players can decide which side will take control of these necessary utilities. which affects the appearance of the district and unlocking party-specific tools such as ziplines and trampolines. It can be used in tandem with Dying Light 2’s extended parkour system, which is said to have twice as much movement as the first game.

Dying Light 2 – Dying 2 Know: Part 1

However, when darkness comes Exploring will become more dangerous. Humanity is in decline at night and the streets are filled with ferocious monsters known as infected. on the bright side This means that the building where the infected’s nest is built is empty. It’s a great opportunity to hunt them down for valuable supplies.

Some of the above appears in Techland’s latest Dying Light 2 trailer, while some comes from an interview with the development team during tonight’s livestream. Techland says more details will be shared regularly during Dying’s launch. Light 2 on December 7th on Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

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