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Eagles News: Jalen Hurts is one of the biggest winners of the 2021 NFL Draft.

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Levitan: NFL Draft Fantasy Winners – Make The Run
3. Jalen Hurts, QB, Eagles – Overall Underdog 101, since last season the Eagles have swapped Carson Wentz with a zero-draft pick in the QBs and swapped DeVonta Smith in the offensive line. And RG Brandon Brooks will be back from injury at the end of the season. It teased for Jalen Hurts, who had averaged DraftKings 29.5 points per game in his full three games last season. Sprint ability will give the weekly floor sky-high, and Smith’s boost will increase Hurts̵

7; pass stats.

5 winners and 5 losers from the 2021 Eagles draft – BGN
Winner: Jalen Hurts The Eagles were able to grab Justin Fields in 12th place.They could stay on, secure additional third round and lead the former Ohio State star if they didn’t feel Hurts were on the verge of progressing to the QB. It is stable in 2021, of course.They also spend most of their time loading the next year’s draft to implement the QB either in free agency or in the next year’s draft. But this year, Roseman and all the coaching staff But confident that he will be Their starter Smith’s casting also brought one of the best wide receiver abilities to Philadelphia since DeSean Jackson was drafted, and being a former teammate with Smith at Alabama might just be. Good thing for their bond in the second round, The Eagles picked another former Hurts teammate, the often injured center / defender Landon Dickerson, a mountain of a man who, if healthy. (And that’s a big if) able to take over Jason Kelce in 2022, providing real protection for the injured. Finally, in Round 5, the backfield was empowered, with Memphis running back Kenneth Gainwell, most of the sleeping drafts expert, believed it was the 150th place bird steal overall. Could be better for Jalen Hurts.

Biggest Fantasy Football Winner and Loser in the 2021 NFL Draft – DraftKings Nation
Losers: RB Miles Sanders, Philadelphia Eagles With 150th overall pick, The Eagles picked Memphis RB Kenny Gainwell.This doesn’t appear to have done all the damage, especially considering the fifth-round funding, but Gainwell made an appearance. From this class as the second-best recipient of Clemson’s Travis Etienne, this happened shortly after they signed RB Jordan Howard on a one-year deal. Again, not Sanders’ massive valuation on his own. But each of these houses, clouding the room running in the background in Philly and Gainell in particular, could bring the results into Sanders’ defense as the receiver the fantasy manager had hoped for. After his draft, he was the 12th-ranked royal during last year.

2021 Eagles NFL Draft Class Scoring – BGN Radio
Brandon Legowton and Jimmy Kempsky analyzed the nine Eagles picks and handed out positive grades: They talked about Tom Donahoe, Philly’s UDFA signing, Zach Ertz’s future, and much more. !

The rest of The Eagles’ holes that need to fill post, draft, and who can fill – PhillyVoice
Casey Hayward (32 years old in September): Hayward is a former Pro Bowl actor whose career went downhill. As for the Eagles’ purposes, he would be a good Band-Aid candidate because he has at least been tolerant as he has only missed two games over the past seven seasons. He also has that versatility from the outside, which would be worth it if the Eagles intend to have Darius Slay after the No. 1 receiver again, as he did in 2020.

Roster / Draft Talk – Iggles Blitz
I always let Rodney McLeod off my depths charts because he’s been injured very late and feels unlikely to play anytime soon. And MacFearson is a young, talented player. These could be an integral part of moving forward the second time. Harris was able to sign a new contract and play for a few more years the Epps could evolve into a good player. We’ll have to see what the new coach will get from him. There are some free agents that could be a target. Stevie Nelson is the main man there. His costs have to be reduced, there may be some CBs through trade. We’ll have to wait and see what to hear in the coming months. In March next year, the eagle will have a large number of hat rooms. They can be aggressive in helping the vice The drafts should be more in depth so they have better options.Howie and the front desk know the vice is not good enough. Now it works But need long-term assistance

Eagles draft signals additional support for Jalen Hurts in 2021 – ESPN
A sense of calm will soon hit the NFL season’s intensity, and the reality will come in 2021: a trial for Hurts, the Eagles’ connections with Seattle’s Russell Wilson and Houston’s Deshaun Watson have been reported. After 1-3 as a starter and 52% of his rookie season passed, the question remains inside whether Hurts is a long-term answer for the quarterback. Philadelphia has as many as three first-round selections next season – funds reserved for defenders should be underperforming in 2021.

Face to face: Landon Dickerson | May 3, 2021 – PE.com
Get to know Landon Dickerson for the second round in an exclusive interview with Eagles Insider Dave Spadaro.

At age 40, ex-Eagles QB Michael Vick proves he still exists – NJ.com.
During his time in the NFL, former Eagles quarterback Michael Vick was not only known for his strong arms. But also his speed, playing a range of highlights in 13 seasons in the league.Despite the age of 40, Vick is still growing up fast and he has recently been showing his speed while helping with charity work. Wick posted a 4.72 40 yard rush time, surprising a lot of people with the posted time.

The giants are willing to “explore” Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson trades – Big Blue View.
If the Green Bay Packers are looking to trade Aaron Rodgers or the Seattle Seahawks, it’s really happy to be a part of Russell Wilson, and there is no real indication that these will be. That will happen. GM Dave Gettleman said Monday that the New York Giants will “explore ‘those avenues.

Is Washington now the deadliest offense in the NFC East? – Hogs Haven
Eagles bring to the back of the NFC East, not that they are incapacitated. But aside from a tight, back-running end, that talent has yet to be produced.The Eagles will be heading into 2021 with a fresh start under two small defensive centers. But broadly fast and shaky offensive lines are the best. This will likely be a completely different conversation for the next few years. But for now the danger level is not too high.

Report: Dallas Cowboys Won’t Pick Leighton Vander Esch’s Fifth Year Choice In 2022 – Blogging The Boys
You don’t want to end up in a situation where you didn’t get a fifth year option of the first round in today’s day and age, and it’s certainly unfamiliar territory for the Cowboys. The only players who have not had a flip switch for them since 2011 CBA were Morris Claiborne (who re-signed with the team on a one-year deal during the 2016 season, which coincidentally was his chosen season) and Taco Charlton ( (Which was cut during his third season with the team) Van der H played unbelievably well during his rookie season and appeared to be a lock for the Cowboys’ first-round path before him. Will pursue myself through the years Unfortunately, his biggest problem remains on the pitch as he has only played 35 of 48 games in his first three seasons.

4 winners and 2 losers from the 2021 NFL Draft – SB Nation
LOSER: Conventional wisdom says writers should always rate Cowboys high-draft, because that’s how you get those sweet shares – but I don’t care what Dallas does throughout the draft. The team didn’t do enough to help Dak Prescott in the offensive line, waiting until the fourth round to get one of the two offensive lines in this class.Yes, the Cowboys need a lot of help in their defense as well. But each of their picks after Parsons felt like reaching the board. The whole strategy felt a little stagnant. It was as if the war room had a few names that they wanted and didn’t care at all how the body fell. In addition, allowing the Eagles to trade for a very fair value so that they could get DeVonta Smith too generous for their opponents in the department.

Football Monday Monday # 35: AFC Draft Winners & Losers – SB Nation NFL Show
Rob “Stats” Guerrera (Niners Nation), RJ Ochoa (Blogging the Boys) and Brandon Lee Gowton (Bleeding Green Nation) gave them their likes and dislikes from the AFC Weekend Draft Andy McNamera from Dawgs by Nature on why. Where the Browns had the best body in the Bengals department, was it wrong to go WR rather than LT? The Denver Broncos grill stats keep it crisp. How can the charger keep AFC West safe? Why doesn’t Indy like Carson Wentz and more ?!

The end of America’s Covid-19 may be closer than you think – Vox
As America’s rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine was underway last December, White House medical advisor Anthony Fauci said the herd’s immunity threshold for coronavirus could be 80 to 90 percent. Nourishing: America will need to be vaccinated for up to 90 percent of the population to stop the virus from spreading freely. With about 20 percent of the population still resistant to getting vaccinated, a near-universal inoculation seems very unlikely, bringing in a recent New York Times article to suggest that herd immunity may be a possibility. No But the latest data from Israel shows a more hopeful picture: With around 60 percent of the population being vaccinated, Israel can open up nearly full new economies and crush the number of coronavirus cases and deaths. Until almost zero The country still has some requirements, particularly indoor concealment requirements and vaccine passports – but they are closer to normal than they should have been, with a guarantee of safety a few months ago.

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