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Eagles reportedly interested in Julio Jones, Philly has enough first round of funding in exchange for Falcons star WR

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Julio Jones wants to leave Atlanta and the Atlanta Falcons want a first-round pick in exchange for one of the widest receivers of this generation. Enter the Philadelphia Eagles

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7;s Ed Kracz has indicated that the Eagles are interested in buying Jones from the Falcons, who reportedly have a tabletop first-round pick offer for seven Pro Bowl receivers. The Eagles have two first-round picks in 2022 and picks. A conditional first round from the Indianapolis Colts (if Carson Wentz plays 75% of snaps or plays 70% of snaps in 2021 and the Colts advance to the playoffs) — one of which they could buy Jones.

Philadelphia could part ways with the Indianapolis first-round pick, now a second-round pick for Jones. The Eagles will pay a high price if they part with their own first-round pick. or the one from the Miami Dolphins pre-draft (both of which are expected to be top 20 picks).

The Eagles and Falcons would have been better off waiting after June 1 to trade with Jones (or the NFL team for that matter). Atlanta would only cost $7.75 million and would save $15.3 million in salary space had Jones. Trading after June 1, the Eagles will have to pay $15.3 million in 2021 if they want to buy Jones. but will have the same The relief hat came out of the book.

Philadelphia will receive $8.5 million if the Eagles cut or trade Zach Ertz after June 1, and there are $4 million from Alshon Jeffery and Malik Jackson’s June 1 dated books in the month. March According to the NFLPA, the Eagles currently have $3,814,453 in their existing salary area – so they will be freed $12.5 million in these three moves by Tuesday.

In theory, the Eagles will have $16.3 million. which is enough to exchange for Jones

Jones has the highest average defensive yards per game in NFL history at 95.5 and has averaged more than 100 yards per game over five different seasons. The most in league history (No other receiver has more than three.) Jones, 32, made 51 catches for 711 yards and three touchdowns in nine games last season. His average of 85.7 yards per game is sixth in the league.

Jones has 12,896 career yards from 135 games, the most for a player in NFL history. He averages 104.3 yards per game in the playoffs, behind only Larry Fitzgerald (104.7) for the highest scoring in NFL history (playback game). (minimum five games)

Eagles are in the Jones Sweepstakes. Whether they get Jones or not remains to be seen as there are many interested in his services.

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