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Ed Sheeran and Courtney Cox Recreate ‘Friends’ Choreography

Courtney Cox and Ed Sheeran face off as they recreate Monica and Ross’ famous dance routine from ‘Friends’.
Image: @teddysphotos/Instagram

Poor Ed Sheeran Friends: Reunion It’s full of guest stars, from Lady Gaga to Cara Delevingne to Justin Bieber, but our guy Ed wasn’t among them. Unfortunately, because he’s a huge fan and he’s ready to go. On Sunday, Sheeran posted a video of him and Courteney Cox on Instagram with the caption: “There’s a reunion this weekend,” in which he and Cox recreate the 1999 dance she performed with David Schwimmer in friend The episode “One with a Routine” is set to the sound of the episode. They rhythmically hit the mark … except for a crackling sound at the end. in which they both fell and laughed. We understand that for Cox This might be muscle memory, but Sheeran? He must be a big fan. He was clearly good friends with the Cox he was told. daily mail That he bumped into her at home once a month and he introduced her to her boyfriend, Johnny McDade, loved that for them. It’s almost like something from friend.

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