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Ed Sheeran’s daughter cried when he heard his song.

Ed Sheeran doesn’t have the number one boyfriend of his own daughter.

“Now I will sing. [my new songs] To my daughter who is not my biggest fan,” Sheeran revealed in an interview on BBC Radio 1 on Friday. “She just cried!”

Unfortunately for British navigator Lyra Antarctica, his 8-month-old daughter often cries when she hears his songs, but Sheeran adds that there is at least one song she likes.

“She really liked ‘Shape of You,'” he said. “Marimba’s voice was good, but she didn’t like anything too loud or anything too loud.”

The 30-year-old hit singer and his wife Cherry Seaborn welcomed Lyra Antarctica in September 2020. Sheeran made an exciting announcement on Instagram.

“Ello! A short message from me when I have personal news I want to share with you… last week With the help of an amazing delivery team Sherry has given birth to our beautiful and healthy daughter,” he wrote in the caption. blue and gray baby socks

Sheeran also used the caption to confirm that both his 29-year-old wife and their newborn baby were “amazing”

; after birth.

“[W]It’s on cloud nine here,” he wrote.

The proud father has yet to share a personal photo of his daughter on social media, though. But the three were seen together in the rain in March. Lyra Antarctica was safely hidden in her wheelchair. with only two tiny feet She waved greetings to Sheeran, covering his girl with a large umbrella over them.

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