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Election results from five Indian states were due on Sunday.

Five states in India will announce results on Sunday from local elections held in March and early April, the start of the nationwide COVID-19 infection and healthcare system.

The election results were seen as an early test of the impact the second wave of the pandemic hitting support for Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his right-wing BJP party.

The counting of votes in Assam, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Puducherry will begin on Sunday morning.

More than 1,000 observers will process anyone who is expected to produce a negative COVID-19 test report or show that they have been fully vaccinated.

Majority of the votes in the state elections were dropped in March. But elections in some districts continued through April, as India began detecting thousands of fresh coronaviruses every day.

On Saturday, new cases hit a record 401,993.

A second wave has flooded hospitals, morgue and crematoriums, leaving families struggling to find drugs and scarce oxygen. And while India is the world’s largest producer of the COVID-19 vaccine, But a shortage of vaccines in some states has hindered the start of many vaccinations.

The leaders of all political parties, including Modi, have led to political rallies, where large numbers of people violate rules on social isolation and masking.

Some experts blame mass religious gatherings and gatherings with millions of participants due to the severity of the second wave.

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