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Electronic Arts hackers say Slack is their secret weapon

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After yesterday’s report of a whopping 780GB of data. swiped From gaming giant Electronic Arts (EA), we know how loot can be pulled. At least as the hacker said.

“Representative of hackers” tell the motherboard As of Friday, the project was pretty simple: They allegedly started with stolen purchases. cookies Go online for $10 and then use these channels to access EA’s corporate Slack channel. Obviously, EA’s Slack etiquette isn’t the most secure—we did. have seen Researchers discover former company engineers By leaving the name of EA’s Slack channel in the public key repository. whether early 2020 event The role here is still unknown.

follow motherboard The next step is to send a message to EA’s IT support team to pretend the hacker “loses”. [their] Phone at the party last night” before requesting multi-factor authentication tokens from employees. Once they have received that token The hackers’ representatives said they were able to walk into EA’s corporate network, which led them to a hub where some EA developers gathered their games. Soon, the scammers downloaded content for the Playstation VR, documents. Inside about AI in games and some documentation on how EA “creates digital crowds in FIFA games”.

At the same time, representatives of EA previously confirmed To Gizmodo, where the hack begins and ends with this massive amount of data. which has been reported Includes source code for company games. Frostbite engine. “There is no access to player data. And we have no reason to believe there is any risk to the privacy of the players,” the spokesperson said, noting that the company had “made security improvements” in response to the hack. Hopefully one of those likes will make their Slack channel a little less hacked.

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