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Elliot Page: Surgery is Turned to ‘Save Lives’

The heavily criticized actor spoke to Winfrey on Apple TV + for the first interview since announcing that he is transgender.

Page said of his plastic surgery: “I want people to know that not only But it changed life for me, I believe it saved lives and was the case for many. “

When Winfrey asked what made him “Happiest” ever since the change, the actor became emotional and said the little things made him the happiest.

“It you know, get out of the shower and the towel around your waist, you’re looking at yourself in the mirror and it’s like,” I’m there, “he said.

“And I didn̵

7;t have a moment when I panicked … it could touch my chest and feel comfortable in my body maybe for the first time.”

“This is incredibly new,” he added, “I felt like I wasn’t myself since I was 10.”

Biden told Trans Americans he had a back, as the GOP governor signed more anti-trans bills.
Oscar-nominated movie star “Juno” and “X-Men: Days of Future Past” shared his identity in an open letter last December.

In March, he became the first transgender man to ever appear on the cover of Time magazine.

His interview with Winfrey aired in full on Friday amid a record-breaking year for legislation against transgender people in the United States, according to advocacy groups.

Thirty-three states have released more than 100 bills aimed at limiting the rights of transgender people across the country.
On April 6, Arkansas became the first state to break the law to treat minors, a move that the American Civil Liberties Union said would. “Send horrible and heartbreaking messages” to transgender youth across the country.

“The reality of healthcare is that it has support from medical institutions and it can save lives,” Page said, talking about some of the costs on offer.

“Children will die,” he added. “And it’s really easy.”

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