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Elliott Page shed tears of joy when talking about his transformation with Oprah.

Elliot Page said his decision to change and undergo elite surgery was not just “Changing life” is not only saving life.

Umbrella Institute star spoke to Oprah Winfrey on AppleTV +. Oprah’s conversationIn the first TV interview since coming out as a transgender The Oscar-nominated actor with the pronoun of him / him and they spoke of the extreme discomfort he felt in his body all his life and the need to dress up in a cape on the carpet. How does red cause depression and anxiety? And panic attacks Now he feels “Comfort in my body for the first time” at age 34, during an interview with him. “Tears of happiness”

Page said the horrific backlash against transgender people and especially trans youths made him aware that he was “necessary”

; to reveal his truth, which he made public for the first time in a letter. That was posted to social media in December.

“With this platform, I have the privilege I have and recognize the pain, the hardships and the struggles I face in life, let alone what many others are going through. To share that, ”he said.

Oprah Winfrey talks to actor and supporter Elliot Page on The Oprah Conversation (Image: Oprah Conversation / Apple TV +)

Oprah Winfrey talks to actor and supporter Elliot Page on The Oprah Conversation (Image: Oprah Conversation / Apple TV +)

Page said he spent time alone in Nova Scotia during the outbreak and at the end of his marriage to dancer Emma Portner, whom he filed for divorce in January, forcing him. “Sit with myself” and examine “some aspects I have. Never giving myself a chance “Looks because he” avoids “it, he thinks of relaxation, connection with nature and, most importantly, his body.

He told Winfrey he had to overcome his fear of transgender people as the big target of hate crime – to share his truth. But he knew it was worth it, explaining that “I really don’t know what to say unless I feel that it’s more important. [to be out as transgender] “More than a feeling of fear in a moment, it felt more important if I had an overwhelming day. For me it felt like the right thing really.”

Page is the first transgender man to appear on the cover of time Magazine in march In the story, he spoke more about the discomfort he felt in his body as a child and spoke more to Winfrey. He remembered asking his mother when he was in preschool, “” Can I be a boy when I grow up? “… Of course: no, I’m not a girl, I know right away.”

He talked about being able to cut a short haircut at age 9 and the “euphoria” he experienced when people thought he was a child, explaining: “Exciting and exhilarating” when people call him Alan. He also talked about borrowing boys’ swim trunks to take a dip at a friend’s house when he was 10, and how good it made him notice that. “I just live my best life”

He calls puberty “total hell” with the changes it brings. “A great discomfort in my body” which led to “disconnection” with it, playing the female role as his star grew up and had to change “tomboy” clothes. Of him into a woman’s wardrobe “Makes me feel sick”

JuneauIn 2007, Page became a star, and while the award-winning performance of the red carpet march in a dress made him excruciatingly painful. He cried in tears at his 2008 Academy Awards.

“I couldn’t look at those red carpet photos,” he said, because of the discomfort of the dress, the heels, and the beauty that came with the hairstyle and makeup. “That was a pretty intense moment,” he admits. “It felt impossible to communicate to people how sick I was, because obviously there was a lot of excitement,” but he was in. “Pain”

He said promote 2010. To start – With all the premieres and press conferences – leading to a breakup.

“I wore a dress and heels to one event,” he says as he prepared for the Paris premiere and the show of many designers he had to choose from. “I lost it… I collapsed. What has happened so often in my life is usually consistent with panic attacks, I’m sure. The two are related and all of the times are related. ”

He said it was a feeling since he was a toddler, with one saying “‘The way you sit, that’s not a woman’ ‘, the way you’re walking, you’re walking like a boy’ … every aspect of who we are constantly looking at and put in a box in the binary system, that’s what. Lead to He said of his breakup.

X-Men Star said coming out to a gay woman in 2014 gave him some “relief” because he was finally able to show his love in public. But he still struggled with the discomfort without feeling calm in his body. He recalled moments of his life, such as after reading the book of movement activist Janet Mock. The new definition of realityWhich he experienced “moments like: I trans. ” however, “It’s as if I took this idea aside, I’m not ready yet.”

Hiding from the truth leads to “The moment I felt almost nonexistent … [Times] I don’t even want to leave my apartment. It is very difficult for me to socialize with people. “And it affected his job because” As an actor playing the character, wearing female clothes was too dangerous for my mental health. I find it difficult for people to understand: Oh you are an actor If you’re taking that picture and you have to dress up as a woman, just pretend it’s a role.That’s not a role for me. “

Page said his truthfulness was. “Incredible feeling”, which “continued to spread”, noting that “I felt like I hadn’t been myself since I was 10”.

He also spoke of his decision to share that he had an elite surgery, a surgical removal of breast tissue that he said had resulted. “Happy moments” and “feeling of comfort in my body” like never before. It gives him “energy” and at first he can “look in the mirror and feel good about what I see”.

“I would like to share with people how much my life has changed,” he told Winfrey. “It is not just life changing for me, I believe it saved life – and is the case for many people and because there is a change in life for me. Attacking trans health care now when it lacks access or Transgender people who don’t even want to see a doctor, what you hear from some lawmakers is true and complete – they lie. ”

He continued, “The reality of health care is that it is supported by medical institutions and it can save lives if you are going to do this, and if you don’t allow transgender children to play sports, they will die, and it’s really that easy. “

He said all anti-trans laws were “Remove transgender people” added that “They don’t believe we exist and they don’t want us to exist.”

Page was asked what he found happiest lately – and he said it was. “Getting out of the shower and running a towel around your waist and you’re looking at yourself in the mirror and you’re like: There. I. I didn’t have a moment when I panicked … it was able to touch my chest and feel comfortable in my body for the first time. “

He called it wiping away tears. “Tears of fun.”

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