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Elon has a simple solution for the Tesla Spy Camera in China.

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Elon Musk has a simple solution for Tesla cars equipped with cameras that can spy: Just. do not Turn it on! It’s as simple as that. All that and more in Morning shift On April 7, 2021

1st gear: I want America to be free for all car tech in a fun way.

Jalopnik friend John Voelcker pointed out. On Twitter, America is free for everyone when it comes to modern car technology compared to China, which is becoming less important. Tesla car camera.

We have a problem with these cameras right here in America. But the objection in our case is Consumer Reports, the news from China is that the military itself is angry, as Reuters reports:

Tesla in-car cameras were not launched outside of North America, the US automaker said on Chinese social media pages on Wednesday to address safety concerns in the world’s largest car market.

Tesla faces scrutiny in China, where the military in March banned Tesla cars from the complex, citing security concerns about vehicle cameras, sources told Reuters.


At a virtual forum in Beijing in March, held shortly after reports of the ban surfaced, Tesla founder Elon Musk highlighted the company’s business incentives to protect user privacy.

“There is a very good incentive for us to keep any information confidential,” Musk said.

“If Tesla uses cars to spy on China or anywhere, we will have to shut down.”

Elon gave some louder additional comments, such as Amazon’s latest defense of “You really don’t believe the pee in the bottle, do you?As Bloomberg reports:

Speaking at the conference, Musk said that if Tesla ever used the car to spy in China or anywhere, it would “shut down everywhere”.

“If commercial firms are involved in spying on the downside to them, it will be very bad,” he said at the China Development Forum last month, a rally organized by the state council of the State Council. country

America was rejected Cool dipped laser headlightsBut we have no problem with this?

2nd Gear: Rebuilding the EPA looks like it’s time.

news This is the new EPA boss wants to set tougher end-pipe emissions standards that have been reversed under Trump. What I am interested in is a discussion about creating files. Administration, that is Trump is sorry, For example Bloomberg report:

[[[[EPA Administrator Michael Regan] The first task is to create a new agency that eliminated about 700 scientists during Trump’s tenure. He also had to build morale among persistent EPA employees, including many who said they were underestimated under Trump and remained distrustful of managers running the old regime.

“The secret sauce here is returning to the agency’s original mission of protecting people and natural resources and creating a friendly environment that focuses and values ​​integrity, ethics and scientific values.” Regan said, “We believe we will attract some of the talent who left the agency during the previous administration. But we also believe we will attract new scientists, new engineers, and new legal minds. ”

Regan seeks to strengthen scientific integrity in the agency, which advocates of public health and the environment say have declined in the past four years. In his first major act, Regan last week ordered the removal of dozens of members of the two scientific advisory boards that guide the EPA’s work, a move designed to reduce industry influence. And create a blank slate for making new panels.

If you’ve read this one of 700 scientists being pushed by Trump, please email us at the instructions at jalopnik dot com.

Gear 3: GM is very serious about Side Ventures, they may or may not. Including flying car

Nothing can tell you that an auto company is more serious about something than a technology announcement that has never done Jetsons before. That’s why I cast. Suspicious eyesight about GM’s new promotion on a side investment reported in Reuters news agency: A.

A global innovation team of experienced GM engineers are looking for new organizations to expand automakers’ sources of income beyond auto sales, and are nurturing businesses ranging from commercial delivery services to auto insurance to answer. Satisfying an estimated 1.3 trillion future market, that does not include flying cars, a market segment of just $ 1.3 trillion, Fletcher told Reuters.

In a recent video chat, Fletcher silently counted before responding to how many shepherds her team was raising “under 20,” she said.

Reuters names several of these different entities. In a separate articleAnd that includes expanding OnStar through the app and offering SuperCruise as a subscription service.

Gear 4: Watch America, while Europe gets cool hybrid jeeps.

Europe has stricter regulations that pressures automobile companies to make EVs and hybrids stricter than the regulations we have in America. Perhaps it’s not surprising that Europe will get a hybrid jeep before we are. We have gone through this with the file blackmailNow this is a modified compass. free report:

The update to the Jeep Compass compact SUV, unveiled in Europe on Tuesday, adds a ton of technology, including a 4xe plug-in hybrid and a new Android-based entertainment and connectivity system.

The updated Compass is expected to launch in Europe later this year, with US sales following in the first half of 2022.

The Compass will also get a wider grille and narrower LED headlights to create a face in line with upcoming jeeps such as the Grand Wagoneer and Grand Cherokee L.

This report is based on a European model. Some features may not be available for US models. Compass is the premium version in Europe. It’s a big part of Jeep’s identity out there, where smaller cars typically sell for higher prices and feature more luxurious features and materials in the United States.

Sad to see America as a second-tier market for powerful Jeeps!

5th gear: Nissan sales in China are up 70 percent compared to Until this time last year

I’m not sure if this was the case with Nissan getting the Chinese market right, or just a sign of how deeply depressing it was at the start of the pandemic. Either way, this is a big jump, just like Reuters reported.: A.

Nissan Motor Co’s passenger and light vehicle business in China increased its unit sales 70.6 percent year-over-year in the first three months of 2021, the company said in a statement on Wednesday.

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