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Elon Musk Reveals What Makes SpaceX’s Starship SN11 Prototype


The prototype spacecraft SN10 came in for a landing.


The latest prototype SpaceX Starship is called SN11 encountered an explosive end. Last week is the same as the three predecessors. But the environment around the great boom is uniquely mysterious, as dense fog and a malfunctioning camera obscure details of its final fate.

Now, company founder and CEO Elon Musk has some details on what happened during SN11’s final moments on Twitter Monday morning, Musk argued that the explosion was a fuel leak.

“Little (relatively little) CH4 leaks caused a fire at the 2nd engine and the frying part of the avionics system made it difficult to start the combustion, landing in the CH4 turbocharger,” he wrote.

The SN11 was launched from the company’s Starship Development Center in Texas on March 30, with no visible ground. Everything went smoothly as the vehicle – the last model Musk hopes to send to the Moon and Mars in the next few years – rises about 6.2 miles (10 kilometers) and then falls back to Earth. After making a trademark overhaul in preparation for smooth burns, landings, and touchdowns, the onboard cameras froze during SpaceX’s live stream.

Other remote-operated live cameras pointed at the landing pad from nearby, capturing an orange glow in the fog followed by a rainstorm falling over the area except around the seat.

Two previous prototypes, the SN8 and SN9, both exploded from impact due to heavy landing. SN10 starts landing But then it exploded On the landing pad minutes later, SN11 appeared to be the first to detonate before it hit the ground.

We have now seen a good sampling of how one of these prototypes can terminate itself during the landing phase. There is a reason for optimism that the next attempt will be better.

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SpaceX will skip over to SN15, which is reportedly a slew of upgrades.Musk is excited enough that he essentially chose to ditch SN12, SN13 and SN14.

The SN15 is fully assembled and ready for pre-launch testing. Hope is one of the prototypes to come not only to But only survives from the landing But it will also enable the company to launch the first orbital flight for Starship soon.

Musk said he did not expect repeated major leaks that led to the fragmented anomaly of the shrapnel last week.

“This is being fixed six ways on Sunday,” he tweeted.

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