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Elon Musk Says Tesla Model S Plaid+ Has Been Canceled

Elon Musk told Twitter followers that the Plaid+ trim is “cancelled” due to the lower priced ‘normal’ Plaid model. Up close, it’s “very good.” He claims it’s the fastest production car.

We asked Tesla for feedback. Plaid+ trim is still in the automaker’s configuration tool at the time of this writing. even though it is gray (as it has been for a while) and is not available for pre-order.

There’s a chance this could be a joke, though the SEC wouldn’t be pleased if that were the case. It wouldn’t be a completely unexpected move, although Plaid+ should be faster. But the difference is not guaranteed to be huge. You̵

7;ll be buying it for more range (520 miles vs. 390) more than anything else. And Tesla may shift the battery upgrade to future models.

There’s also the question of overlapping products. The next Roadster was supposed to be Tesla’s no-compromise EV until the Model S Plaid+ appeared — a souped-up four-door, blurring the lines and challenging the Roadster’s rationale for existence. This could be a space erosion for the Roadster, making it an obvious choice if you want a vehicle that’s as fast as Tesla has to offer.

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