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Elon Musk speaks at MWC about Starlink: How to see his announcement again


Elon Musk to Discuss Starlink During MWC

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Elon Musk takes the virtual stage at Mobile World Congress 2021, with Tesla and SpaceX CEOs talking about his satellite internet venture, Starlink. High-speed broadband service is defined as Available worldwide in August. And it is expected to serve more than 500,000 customers, Musk said Tuesday.

You can watch the entire replay of the show live on YouTube or here.

What is Starlink? get pre-order For a service of 99 dollars per month (You’ll pay $499 for hardware like a satellite dish, Wi-Fi router, power supply, cable, and mounting tripod.) Starlink has it. More than 10,000 customersAfter sending about 1,800 satellites into space

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Elon Musk Talks Starlink Strategy Invests $5-10 Billion


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during a virtual presentation at MWC on Monday. Qualcomm launches Snapdragon 888 PlusNew high-end smartphone processor Samsung used this event to showcase a smartwatch interface designed jointly by Google. One UI WatchYou can view all Samsung announcements here.

MWC 2021 kicks off on Monday and continues through July 1. The tech event, usually held annually at the end of February, is canceled in 2020 and this year’s meeting is postponed to June since Covid-19 Great outbreak.

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