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Elon Musk’s bronze statue in midtown Manhattan revealed to the tide of ridicule.

bronze statue of Elon Musk It was revealed in lower Manhattan on Monday. But judging by Twitter’s reaction, it might not be safe there.

“Thanks, it’s hard to find a public restroom,” said one user. write.

“I’m going to destroy it with my Tesla Model S Plaid Edition electric car.” comment.

The statue was installed by investment website public.com, which states that 100 miniature statues were randomly drawn for Mr Musk’s birthday.

“Love him or hate him @elonmusk turns 50 today.” Tweet“And since Elon’s ambitions (and perhaps ego) are no small feat. So we made life-sized statues of 1

4th St. and The High Line in New York.”

Internet judgments are quick.

“This is worse if you get a *** on the road,” one Twitter user said. reply.

“A disgusting statue that doesn’t look like him and shouldn’t exist,” another said. opinion.

Others offered a way to topple the statue. or suggest a place to discard the statue

“Very close to the Hudson River, very convenient.” Someone write.

“Thanks for posting the place! I will destroy it soon.” announce.

Musk, the billionaire who has served as the CEO of companies including SpaceX and Tesla, is known by some for being a visionary innovator, but others condemn it as a “sounding innovator.” False information about COVID-19 and the appearance of excess capitalism

On Twitter, apparently most people who respond to public.com are in the latter category. Among hundreds of responses Positive reviews are rare. Observations about the sculpture’s potential as a public toilet are very common.

“Thank you. The shortage of public toilets in NYC is no joke,” another user said. comment. “I’m sure there will be many benefits.”

The statue shows a smiling man in a T-shirt. looked up with his hands The figure’s hair was unusually high for Mr. Musk, who had a head full of hair. and its face was clearly no resemblance to Mr. Musk’s. Some people think it looks like Gerald Ford, for others it reminds Tony Soprano.

“The best thing I can say about this scrap of copper is that it doesn’t look like Elon Musk at all,” said one. write.

Others didn’t think this statue had such a long future in New York City.

“That statue will be torn to pieces. before the end of the week.” One user predicted.

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