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Emily Wilder’s shooting at the AP reminds us of the unexpected.

“I think it’s because it works. So the cast and the cast will continue to use this technique,” ​​Ms Ball said. Wilder was fired. then they are impatient to cry about ‘Cancel culture’”

That is the current phrase used by political rights to describe punishing people for being “wrong.” According to Pew, most Americans are already familiar with the term. But there are mixed feelings about whether this word is useful or not. leading to a more responsible society or a cruel form of punishment by deliberately taking people’s actions without context

Part of the problem is the times when the Internet is distorted. Everything moves faster than before. Responsibility from a person’s employer or affiliated institution is expected immediately upon discovery of content that is several years old. who were you a year ago or five years ago or decades ago obscured who you are now Time has collapsed and everything is now because it takes microseconds to retrieve information online. There is little appreciation for context or personal evolution.

And it doesn’t just happen to journalists and politicians. Their work invites frequent public comments. But it happens to high school students and business executives. Because now we all go online very often.

Some people saw the benefit of making this change. In the same Pew survey of more than 10,000 people, more than half were approved to call people about their behavior on social media. It said this helps people take responsibility. “People looked closely at their actions. Force them to check what they are doing. Why did they do it? And what are the consequences of doing so?” said one of the survey respondents.

Mr Ball still hopes things will change: “The reaction culture is damaging and unhelpful. and really cruel for everyone involved,” she said. “A lot of societies want to see ourselves believe in forgiveness. believe in salvation Believe in people’s ability to learn, grow and get better.”

She pointed to a backlash against Ms Wilder’s shooting. Dozens of employees wrote an open letter to The AP expressing their disappointment.

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