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Emma Stone Says Disney’s Smoking Ban Makes Playing Cruella ‘Difficult’

  • Disney movies are forbidden to feature smoking characters.
  • That means Emma Stone’s character in “Cruella” can’t have her iconic long cigarette.
  • “It’s hard not to have a cigarette holder,” Stone told The New York Times.
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When you watch Disney’s latest movie “Cruella,” you might notice that Emma Stone’s version of Cruella de Vil is missing one of the iconic pieces from the “101 Dalmations” mob. She doesn’t have a long cigarette attached to the fancy holder.

“That’s not allowed in 2021,”

; Stone told The New York Times. “We’re not allowed to smoke on screen in Disney movies.”

The Oscar winner admits to being a bummer for not showing Vil’s full line of portrayal on her screen.

“It’s hard not to have a cigarette lighter,” she said. “I’m really excited about that green smoke. But it’s not possible.”

101 Dalmations Cruella Disney

Cruella de Vil in “101 Dalmations”


Stone is not kidding about not being allowed to smoke in Disney movies. Since 2007, Disney has banned smoking onscreen from any production. Then, in 2015, that ban was extended to the company. Disney-owned, such as Marvel, Pixar and Lucasfilm.

Disney wasn’t the only studio that was banned. Over the years, studios have gradually banned smoking for their projects, including Warner Bros., Universal, Paramount and Sony, most recently in 2019 Netflix said it would ban smoking from shows. that are rated TV-14 and below

Disney’s latest version of “Cruella” is a prequel story. By introducing a villain named Estella before she became a puppy-hunting fashionista.

In an Insider review, Kirsten Acuna said that the film “It’s at least half an hour long and has a few predictable twists. nevertheless It’s a movie you can’t stop watching because you want to see Stone take on the role of the Queen of Mean, teased in trailer after trailer.”

The film hits theaters Friday and is available on Disney Plus for $29.99.

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