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Epik said it hasn’t talked about hosting Parler, despite registering the domain.

Parler registered the domain with host sharing site Epik on Monday, according to a WHOIS search made public, however, Epik told FOX Business that it was not involved in discussions with Parler about hosting an alternative social media platform.

Parents sued AMAZON for suspending apps from cloud services, anti-infringement claims and breach of contract.

Prior to Parler̵

7;s domain registration on Monday, Epik released a statement: “There is no way to contact or speak to Parler in any way about our organization as their registrar or hosting provider” and based on Parler’s understanding. “As requested Conditions set forth by various components of the supply chain “

The directive, however, appears to defend Parler while attacking tech giants such as Facebook and Twitter for “real change or almost impossible responsibility”, arguing that “the political interests and the objectives of the people are”. Their own management has set two undeniable standards for both treatment and enforcement. ”

“In light of the enthusiasm of some people calling for massive platform cuts and universal cancellations, it has become increasingly easier to deceive anyone of different beliefs without being aware of the fact that they are not.” “The real impact and the potential impact on society,” wrote Epik’s senior vice president of Communications Robert Davis. “A vicious attack campaign can be easily produced, either online or offline, to foster a false public consensus.

“Without a more clever understanding other than immediate comfort-based judgment, our decisions now could be used to reduce the freedoms that many embrace.”

Davis told FOX Business that Epik operated a phone call with Parler after being blocked by the registration. But never mentioned the platform hosting But the conversation resonated with rigorous techniques Parler could use to improve governance practices and content moderation to prevent the political discourse on its platform from slipping out.

“It’s not about hosting,” Davis said. “Indeed, Parler wanted to find out what the best idea was to prevent hateful content on their networks in the future.. ”

A Parler spokesperson did not immediately return a FOX Business request for comment.

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Parler’s registration comes after a relationship with Amazon Web Services was made available after screenshots appeared to show Parler users openly discussing plans for rally violence preceded by the Capitol attacks. Supporting Trump last week Since then, Parlor has filed a lawsuit claiming that AWS has taken action against “political animus” in its decision to shut down the platform and that Amazon has committed both contract and antitrust violations.

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GOOGL ALPHABET INC. 1,737.43 -18.86 -1.07%
AAPL Apple Company 128.80 -0.18 -0.14%

In the meantime, Google and Apple took action against Parler following an incident that Capitol suspended applications from its app stores on Friday due to a moderation failure. “Serious content” posted by users related to the violent blockade.

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Founded in 2009, Epik has approximately 2 million domain names under management. Another option, a conservative-friendly social media platform that registers the domain with Epik, Gab, who claimed 10,000 users an hour on Saturday in response to the permanent suspension of President Trump’s account. Twitter

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