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Ethiopia said former foreign minister killed by the military after refusing to surrender.

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GOP agents deny giving ‘reconnaissance tours’ to rioters

Representatives Andy Biggs (R., Ariz.), Mo Brooks (R., Ala.) And Paul Gosar (R., Ariz.) Denied any involvement in organizing last week’s riots at City Hall. After protest organizers claimed he “planned” with them to “put pressure on the Supreme Congress while they were voting,”

; right-wing activist Ali Alexander claimed he colluded with members of Congress in the video. That was deleted in Periscope, unearthed by a government oversight program. He said weeks before the assault of Congress that he was planning something grand on January 6, the day Congress met to count election votes and confirm the win for President Joe Biden. Alexander plans to “change the hearts and minds of the Republicans in that body to hear our roar outside,” he said. Meanwhile, Representative Mikie Sherrill (D., NJ). On Tuesday, it claimed she saw a member of Congress lead people through the U.S. agency on a “patrol” tour, one day before President Trump supporters raided the building, although she did not name the members. Or explain How did she know she was witnessing a patrol tour called “We can’t have democracy if Congress members actively assist the president in overturning the election results,” she said. Never again took office and had no access to confidential documents. All the congressmen with various groups entered the state agency I saw on Jan. 5 – patrol the next day. The Congress members who stirred up this violent mob. Members of Congress trying to help our president undermine our democracy. I will see that they have to take responsibility and, if necessary, make sure they are not serving in Congress. ”Cheryl did not say whether” groups “were supporters of Trump or offered additional information about” the group “. The “reconnaissance” National Review contacted Sherrill for comment. A Biggs spokesman told the Washington Post that members of Congress had never contacted Alexander or other protesters and denied any involvement in the Jan. 6 rally. He was unaware of hearing or seeing Mr Alexander whenever – let alone working with him to organize some of the planned protests, ”the statement said. Brooks on Wednesday denied any responsibility for the unrest, saying he would not support any action that could undermine Republicans’ efforts to block victory endorsement. Biden’s “I am deeply guilty of anyone suggesting that I have no political experience so much that I want a torpedo, my honest and correct election system that I have spent months fighting,” Brooks wrote, however. The Washington Post noted that videos and posts on social media suggested the relationship between the criminal Alexander and the three members of Congress, Gosar called Alexander. “Real Patriots” on Twitter and the pair spoke at the “Stop the Steal” rally in Phoenix last month. Patriots remain tenacious in their support @realDonaldTrump And will not steal this election #StopTheSteaI @ali @MichaelCoudrey @michellemalkin @RudyGiuliani @JennPellegrino @RepAndyBiggsAZ pic.twitter.com/hhPltxHoXn – Paul Gosar (@DrPaulGosar) November 30, 2020 At the same event, Alexander played a video message from Biggs at the same event, Friends ”and“ Hero ”“. On January 6, I will be there in the well of the house with my friend from Alabama representative Mo Brooks, ”Biggs said in a recording. A Biggs spokesperson told CNN that members of Congress had recorded a video at the request of an official of the state. Gosar, while Alexander expressed his condolences in the uprising, said in a video about Periscope that he wanted people not to enter government agencies or even take steps before the incident. Unsettled, he seemed to vouch for the halt of vote recognition by any means. If Democrats stop opposition from Republicans, “anyone can guess what I and the other 500,000 people will do with that building,” he wrote on Twitter in December, according to the Daily Beast. “1776 was an option * always *” in a pre-voting rally Alexander led. However, he told the Washington Post that he “stayed at peace” during the blockade and claimed that his earlier speech “spoke of peace” and was misrepresented. In a video posted shortly after the January 6 congressional uprising as Alexander claimed most protesters stayed calm and praised those who did not enter the building, he added: “I do not deny this. I do not denounce this. “

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