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EU drug regulators have found a possible link between the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine and blood clots.

The syringe is filled with Astrazeneca’s vaccine at the pharmacy.

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LONDON – European drug regulators announced a possible link between the corona vaccine developed by AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford and the rare coagulation problem in vaccinated adults..

This occurred after a review of all available evidence in very rare cases of abnormal blood clots in some vaccinated subjects.

The Oxford-AstraZeneca shot has been acknowledged by safety concerns in recent weeks, with several European countries briefly suspended the use of the vaccine last month.

The European Medicines Agency said March 31

it found the shooting was safe and effective. But added that the possibility of a causal link between the vaccine and coagulation events could not be ruled out, so investigations will be conducted.

World Health Organization, the UK’s drug regulator, and The International Society on Thrombosis and Hemostasis all say the benefits of administration. Oxford-AstraZeneca Is more than a risk

AstraZeneca had previously said the study did not find a higher risk of developing blood clots as a result of the vaccine.

Since then, most countries have resumed vaccinations. But many countries have suspended immunizations in certain age groups.

A senior official at the European drug regulatory agency reported Tuesday that there was A clear “relationship” between vaccines and vaccines. Oxford-AstraZeneca With very rare blood clots in the brain, although the direct cause is not yet known.

In an interview with Italy’s Il Messaggero, published Tuesday, Marco Cavaleri, chairman of the EMA’s Vaccine Evaluation Team, said, “In my opinion, we can now say it is clear that vaccines are involved, however. probably I don’t know what caused this reaction. “

The EMA later denied it had established a link during the shooting. Oxford-AstraZeneca And rare blood clots in the Agence France-Presse statement.

UK vaccine trial in children paused

Medicines and Healthcare Regulators, the agency that approves vaccines. Oxford-AstraZeneca For use in the UK, a number of reports have been reviewed, both in the UK and in continental Europe, where serious but rare blood clots, some of which have been fatal.

Vaccine trial Oxford-AstraZeneca In the UK, the pediatric population has been suspended, while the drug control agency has examined a possible link between the shot and coagulation disorders, particularly in cases of blood clots. In intracranial veins, known as cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST), as well as thrombocytopenia. (Low platelets, which help the blood to clot)

The UK government noted that as of March 24, 22 CVST were reported and eight other thromboembolic events with low platelet aggregation were reported out of the 18.1 million doses of AstraZeneca vaccine (two vaccinations). ) Give by date

People wait at a vaccination center in Cologne, Germany, on April 5, 2021.

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“We need to know more about the people affected, and we need to fully understand how the ailments are, while the other questions are not answered at this point,” said Adam Finn. A professor of pediatrics at the UK’s University of Bristol said before Wednesday’s announcement.

“Some things are very clear, however, the first is that these cases are extremely rare; the second is that vaccines available and in use in the UK are very effective against COVID,” Finn said.

“In short, if you are being offered a vaccine. Oxford-AstraZeneca For a certain amount, your chances of being alive and well increase if you get the vaccine, and decrease if you don’t. “

– CNBC’s Holly Ellyatt contributed to this report.

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