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European Space Agency Green-Lights EnVision mission to Venus

Artist's painting of the EnVision spacecraft over Venus.

Artist’s painting of the EnVision spacecraft over Venus.
illustration: ESA / VR2Planets / DamiaBouic

It’s only been a week at NASA. Announcing two Venus missions., And now there’s another one waiting.The European Space Agency announced today that EnVision Own a spaceship heading to Venus. which is slated to launch in the early 2030s.

Günther Hasinger, the agency’s scientific director, said: “A new era in exploring our closest but completely different solar system neighbors awaits us.” press release. “Together with Announcing the newly announced NASA-led Venus missionWe will have an extremely comprehensive science project on this mysterious planet in the next decade.”

mysterious about the fiery yellow wasteland of The neighbors are plentiful: why is it so hot? Why is it poisonous? Are there still active volcanoes? Can living things exist in the atmosphere? All in all, why is it so different from the world? Around the same time as NASA’s VERITAS and DAVINCI+ missions, EnVision will head to Venus in search of answers. EnVision is comparable to VERITAS in that both are orbits. DAVINCI+ aims to land on the surface. vision will install geological sheep tools internal structure, gravity field atmosphere, and surface elements together,to arrive The mission will give us a thorough and comprehensive look at the current state and evolution of Venus.

The EnVision mission will try to understand how Venus and Earth differ.

the vision mission will try Understand how Venus and Earth are ends very differently
illustration: NASA/JAXA/ISAS/DARTS/Damia Bouic/VR2Planets

While NASA’s last voyage to Venus was the Magellan mission. which concluded in 1994 the European Space Agency was soon there. Its Venus Express The orbiter arrived on the planet in 2006 and ended its work by the end of 2014. Japanese space agency, Jaxa Has also been doing local crafts of Venus since 2015. Explore the atmosphere..But it will be released in early 2030. would refer to a spaceship full of technology, one-quartercentury advancing.

Like NASA’s Venus mission that came out of the Discovery project, which offered great spacecraft ideas in the race for funding, the EnVision spacecraft is competing with Theseus (Transient High-Energy Sky and Early Universe Surveyor) to build. EnVision eventually received a nod from the agency’s scientific committee. Although Theseus was still interested.. Maybe next time.

Venus is a hot sulfur hell.

Venus is a hot sulfur hell.
image: NASA/JPL

“We are excited to be involved in ESA’s exciting new mission to probe Venus,” NASA Co-Admin Science Administrator Thomas Zurbuchen said in a news release. Release. “EnVision leverages the strengths of tool development by both of our divisions. Together with NASA’s Discovery mission to Venus, the scientific community will have a powerful new set of data and work together to understand how Venus formed. and how textures and atmospheres change over time.”

the vision spaceship Join Solar Orbiter, Euclid, Plato and Ariel as active ESA. The mission Solar Orbiter It was the only mission launched so far. The rest will come throughout 2020. After that, if all goes well, EnVision will build a reputation for space research. It was launched between 2031 and 2033. and travel Venus three years later

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