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Everything you need to know about LA County’s Yellow Tier Open Plan.

Los Angeles County is still rapidly recovering from a severe winter’s COVID-19 incident, and vaccination continues swiftly, raising confidence that health officials will move the county. Most businesses (and many businesses large and small) go within the least restrictive state of the state. Opened a new level this week. Moving into the yellow scale, California’s lowest-color four-story opening plan, will be a phenomenal turnaround in just a few months and will open up opportunities for almost every business, including non-serving bars. Food too To offer indoor capacity levels for LA County customers returning only for indoor dining at the restaurant in March.

Los Angeles County met the data for last week̵

7;s yellow scale. But state guidelines say each county must maintain a new level of internal status for at least two weeks before relocation. The main data point currently being considered is the daily adjusted patient rate for new coronavirus infections, which cannot exceed two cases per 100,000 residents.Last week, the county was 1.9 percent and Officials announced zero deaths and just 313 new cases over the past weekend, making the push to the yellow level certainly imminent. Government officials release a new class assignment every week on Tuesday.

LA County Public Health Director Dr. Ferrer has said publicly that, upon approval by the state, her office and the LA County Board of Supervisors will move to amend the county’s public health directive on Wednesday with a plan to testify. Those changes take effect. On thursday morning Here’s what the new yellow level assignments mean for restaurants and bars:

For bars that do not serve food

  • Maximum 25 percent indoor dining capacity or 100 people, whichever is less.
  • Capacity could be increased to 37.5 percent if all guests show evidence of a negative test or full vaccination.
  • No time limits or additional restrictions on hours of service.

For restaurant

For wineries, breweries, distilleries

  • Up to 50 percent of indoor dining capacity or 200 people, whichever is less.
  • No time limits or additional restrictions on hours of service.

This week is likely to move to a yellow scale amid rapid movement over the past few days and weeks as the Centers for Disease Control has offered up-to-date recommendations for people getting their full vaccines. (Plus, it’s no longer necessary to wear a mask while outdoors.) The LA County Department of Health recently revised its own public health directive to allow indoor arcades to be returned at limited capacity. (And safety measures) opened back routes to locations such as Barcade in Highland Park and Button Mash in Echo Park, which closed last fall with no plans to reopen. Ownership of Button Mash said they hope to return to customer service soon.The revised local order also removed restrictions on bar, brewery and winery hours of operation.

Given the current pathway of state vaccine launches and low infection rates, it is still reasonable that (According to Governor Gavin Newsom) California can By June 15, LA County (and surrounding counties) will move to a yellow level. An official announcement is expected on Tuesday, May 4, with the LA County Department of Public Health and independent health workers in Pasadena and Long Beach following closely.

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