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Everything You Need to Know for Day 11 of Jets Head Coach Search: When Urban Meyer joins the Jaguars, will Joe Douglas hire Robert Saleh from the 49ers, Titans’ Arthur Smith, or anyone else?

It’s Day 11 of Finding Jets Coaching.

Let’s keep track of where they are – and what’s next.

This is what happened on a Wednesday …

–Jets General Manager Joe Douglas hosted 49ers defense coordinator Robert Saleh for a second interview.Saleh was the first Jets finalist to sit in one-on-one interviews with Douglas after nine video chat interviews in the first period. Of search But Saleh left without an agreement to accept the job. His next stop ̵

1; Philadelphia to meet the Phillies on their boss coaching job.

-Douglas also conducted another in-person interview on Wednesday, with offensive coordinator Titans Arthur Smith, as well as Saleh, he was a preferred candidate. He has the attention of the seven coaches that are lacking (Saleh had an interest from the Six Man by Code as an exception) and, like Saleh, Smith was scheduled to meet with the Eagles after the jets.

– So what’s next? Both Saleh and Smith were immediately hired as they were not in the playoffs, Smith this week had a second interview with the Falcons, along with a follow-up to the Jets. He is scheduled to have a second interview with the Lions on Friday after meeting the Eagles for the first time on Thursday, according to the NFL Network.

– Not only are coaches in the playoffs being hired right away. But they are also unable to sit in one-on-one interviews. Which is a distinct advantage for men like Saleh and Smith.

Keep it here on Thursday for live updates, news and rumors about the search due to Christopher Johnson. (Wisely) The owner of the show avoids and lets Douglas do his job – lead the search.

Jets finalist Robert Saleh will meet the Chargers once again:

On Thursday, the Jets conducted a second follow-up interview with the finalist – Titan’s Offensive Coordinator Arthur Smith, who has a wide range of other interests, as noted side. lower:

Mayer town Expect to join Jaguars:

The first domino fell in the 2021 NFL head coach hiring round.The Jaguars were the only team to pursue Mayer. But they were also interested in the two Jets finalists, like Robert Saleh and Arthur Smith, now not going to Jacksonville.

Arthur Smith plans to do all four one-on-one interviews this week:

The Jets finalists still meet with them Thursday morning. He sat down with the Falcon, then the next – the Eagle later on Thursday and the Lion on Friday.

Smith intends to conduct all four one-on-one interviews before making a decision, according to the NFL Network.

Another interview for candidate Jets Brandon Staley, who spoke with the Chargers:

As Meyers headed to Jacksonville, six of the seven NFL boss coaching jobs remained unsuccessful – the Jets, Eagles, Falcons, Texas Lions and Chargers.

The Texans have hired Patriots Nick Caserio as the next general manager. And the Lions hired the Rams’ Brad Holmes to fill that role for them. But the Jaguars and Falcons still have GM’s Terry Fontenot vacancies as Atlanta favorites. And Mayer could double as GM in Jacksonville, though it’s unclear if he will.

Here are nine of Jets’ known candidates, along with other passions they’ve received:


– Robert Saleh, 49ers Defense Coordinator (Charger, Jaguar, Lion, Falcon, Eagles)

– Arthur Smith, Titans offensive coordinator (Chargers, Jaguars, Lions, Falcons, Texans, Eagles)

Interviewing other applicants

Still in the playoffs …

– Eric Bieniemy, Chief Offensive Coordinator (Falcons, Lions, Chargers, Jaguars, Texans)

– Brian Daboll, offensive coordinator for Bills (Chargers)

– Brandon Staley, Rams Defense Coordinator (Chargers, Texans)

– Aaron Glenn, Saints quarterback coach (Not reported to be interested)

Available now …

– Marvin Lewis, former head coach of the Bengals (Lions Code)

– Joe Brady, Panthers offensive coordinator (Falcons, Texans, Chargers, Eagles)

– Matt Eberflus, Colts Defense Coordinator (Texans, Charger)

Other possible JETS applicants

Doug Pederson, former Eagles head coach

Don “Wing” Martin Dale, Ravens’ defense coordinator.

Dan Mullen, Head Coach, University of Florida

Pat Fitzgerald, North West Head Coach

Lincoln Riley, Oklahoma Head Coach

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