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EXCLUSIVE in the Whale’s Belly: Israeli Fleet Attack Simulator

When fighting erupted in Gaza last month, and the rocket landed on Israel The soldiers operating the Leviathan Navy submarine knew nothing.

submerged for training They were only broadcast on short bulletin boards in order not to be distracted from their mission.

“We are secretive and isolated at sea, to some extent, our performance depends on our priorities,” a senior navy official told Reuters aboard the Leviathan during training. The first time foreign media accessed the ship.

Speculation covers the role of a fleet of five Dolphin-class submarines, each costing approximately $500 million. The sixth place is in order from the German manufacturer. Some analysts suggest that these ships could launch nuclear missiles.

About a third the size of the nuclear-powered giants of the United States or Russia. and with an electric diesel engine that is limited to two or three weeks underwater. Dolphins are primarily designed for patrolling the Mediterranean coast.

But in 2019, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also commissioned the navy to deal with its arch-enemy Iran. Read more

in january Rare dolphins visit the Red Sea. Several ships linked to Iran were sabotaged.

Leviathan’s under deck weaponry is restricted to Reuters.

Crank up the periscope to see the cargo ship above. The captain commands a deep dive and simulates the attack. The control room shows Leviathan’s torpedo tubes “flooded” or ready for release.

Inclined floor. The crew in the control room leaned against the sloped floor. down a few tens of meters Leviathan switched from diesel to electric power. to maintain the peace that arises The crew then followed the target and ordered a drone fire. Added with a finger to touch the back of a friend.

The speaker broadcasts the torpedo’s sonar signal: like a cricket’s song. Rise quickly and then quiet down when the target “sinks”.

Whale in the Bible

The senior dolphins are 45, with an average age of 22. Ten or more people can huddle on boats to train or use them as frogs.

at their home port in Haifa A fortified hangar protects dolphins from rocket attacks or hostile eyes. Officials expected the crew to be out at sea in a very short time.

Leviathan is named after a biblical whale. Eating, as elsewhere in the Israeli army, is kosher. That means separate kitchen utensils for meat and dairy, which on Leviathan result in overflowing cutlery being collected in the aisle.

Praying before the Sabbath meal by blessing instead of wine instead of wine The pristine waters allow normal bathing and hand washing, stationary bikes, board games and videos have passed.

The confined space means the young submarine rotates three per bed. on a long journey Some people wear casual clothes. and everyone uses their real names except the captain and the first friend.

Dolphins are one of a number of Israeli military units whose personnel have to forfeit other nationalities they hold. to prevent spying pressures for foreign superpowers

There is almost no “segmentation” between missions. The crew learns a secret plan to create a sense of togetherness. senior officials said

Some analysts speculate that the submarine may act as a so-called platform. “Second strike”, which can automatically fire nuclear missiles. which is to stop the sudden attack

“It would be much harder to be sure to destroy a submarine,” said Norman Friedman, an academic at the US Naval Academy. I’m going to spend my money on cruise missiles.”

Israel, which did not confirm or deny the existence of nuclear weapons. The goal is to prevent Iran from obtaining such weapons. Iran Says Its Nuclear Design Is Peaceful It also called for Israel’s death.

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