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Experts: Lack of oxygen kills George Floyd, not a drug.

Witnesses said the lack of oxygen had damaged the brain and caused his heart to stop beating.

Tobin analyzed the graphical presentation of three officers controlling Floyd for what prosecutors said for nearly 9 1/2 minutes, testifying that Chauvin’s knee was “barely on the neck” for more than 90% of the time.

He cited a number of other factors that he said also made it difficult for Floyd to breathe: the officer raised the suspect’s handcuffs, the hard surface of the street, the overturned stance, and the knee on his back.

Chauvin held his knee by Floyd̵

7;s neck for three minutes and two seconds after Floyd “had reached the point where there was no ounce of oxygen left in his body,” Tobin said.

As prosecutors repeatedly played Floyd’s footage on the floor, Tobin identified what he saw as a change in the face of the man telling him that Floyd was dead.That moment came about five minutes after Floyd was first pinned.

“At first, you can see that he is conscious, you can see a slight flicker, and then it disappears,” Tobin said. He explains: “That’s the moment when life leaves his body.”

Chauvin, 45, was charged with manslaughter and manslaughter in Floyd’s death on May 25.Floyd was arrested outside a neighborhood market after allegedly trying to pass a bogus $ 20 bill.

Floyd’s video of a viewer suffocating as observers yell at Shovin to get him out, sparking protests and spreading violence across the United States.

Defense attorney Eric Nelson argued that the now fired white officer did what he was trained to do and that Floyd’s death was due to illicit drugs and underlying medical problems, including blood pressure. High and heart disease An autopsy found fentanyl and methamphetamine in his body.

But Tobin said he analyzed Floyd’s breathing, as seen in the camera video, and explained that while fentanyl tended to reduce his breathing rate by 40 percent, Floyd’s breathing was “near normal” before he was exhausted. consciousness Likewise, he said, people with severe heart disease have very high respiratory rates.

Tobin also said that the high blood carbon dioxide levels measured in a hospital emergency room can be explained by the fact that Floyd was not breathing for nearly 10 minutes before doctors began to perform rescue breaths compared to his breathing. Suspended by fentanyl

Doctors explain that just because Floyd was speaking and showing the movement in the video didn’t mean he was breathing enough. He said the leg movements seen in the video were not accidental. And he says a person can keep talking until the airways have narrowed to 15%. After that, “you’re in serious trouble.”

Authorities could hear the video telling Floyd that if he could speak, he could breathe.

In a cross examination, Nelson pressed Tobin on a common misconception, pointing to earlier testimony that Minneapolis staff were trained that if people could speak, they could breathe.

Nelson also suggested Tobin that the fentanyl in the street drug could affect people differently than the legally obtained fentanyl. He also asked about methamphetamine, noting that there were a few reasons that legally required Tobin to increase his heart rate. But said it would not affect the respiratory rate

Tobin used plain language, with words like “pump handle” and “bucket handle” to describe the jury’s breathing. He explains that as the airways narrow, breathing becomes “significantly more difficult”, such as “breathing through a drinking straw”.

At one point, doctors loosened the tie and placed a hand on his own neck and the back of his head to show how the airways were working, inviting the jury to examine their own necks. Most of them did so, although the judge later said they didn’t have to.

Experts calculated that at times Chauvin was in a near-vertical position with the toe off the floor, half of Chauvin’s body weight with his equipment – or 91.5 pounds – was directly at Floyd’s neck.

He said it looked like Floyd was getting enough oxygen to keep his brain alive for the first five minutes because he was still talking.Tobin said the point at Chauvin his knee after the five-minute mark wasn’t important because when. At that point, Floyd had suffered brain damage.

Chauvin’s attorneys repeatedly showed the jury’s stills from videos he said Chauvin’s knee was on Floyd’s shoulder blade, but almost all of those images were captured after the five-minute mark, according to the timestamp.

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