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Extremely worrisome Yankees’ mess spawned a change: Sherman.

When it comes to their offensive philosophy, the Yankees are card counters at the blackjack tables.

Their system will stack one speed monster against each other. They believe that their dedication to the power strike method will translate into an approximate winning percentage. 600, who cares what a 40 percent loss looks like due to a shortage of fitter bats, defensive stamens and athletes? If you win six out of 10, you enter the playoffs, and when there – with health and perhaps fortune – the team can win them all.

So, in the face of a 15-game crisis, the Yankees were stubborn with off-guard defense and were averse to the risk of station-to-station offense, believing that over time ̵

1; like an unflinching card counting system – 60 percent. How to solve the problem will come back?

Brian Cashman attended a teleconference with reporters Monday to “reinforce” that the Yankees “won’t adjust their course” after 15 games. He emphasizes patience over the Cashman panic, three decades plus the Yankees and two. Plus, as a GM, the experience mentioned teaches him to face the harshest conditions of the year if you trust your processes and products.

“We know there are better days ahead,” said Cashman.

It has to be, unless you think the 2021 Yankees (5-10) are the winning percentage. 333 and is the worst team of Al. Cashman and the organization benefited both from the doubt and time. They stare at the alarm’s dilemma every four seasons for at least a quarter of a century to at least play meaningful in late September and most often October.

Yet, the elements of these 15 games feel more worrying over two dreadful weeks:

  1. Because it’s not 15 games. Since the start of last season, the Yankees are 38-37 and 38 were made up significantly by last season’s terrible Orioles and Red Sox clubs. In the face of fierce resistance that is radiation, the Yankees look unplugged and not glued. Perhaps it would be unfair to include a shorter epidemic season as part of this year. But it could be that the Yanks were likely inaccurate for more than 15 games.
  2. Pitching is better than ever in taking advantage of its weaknesses with something that offers outstanding high spin and high speed. The whole league went to. 233 (Aaron Hicks’ career average), the lowest in MLB history.
Yankees GM Brian Cashman showed patience during a news conference on Monday.
Yankees GM Brian Cashman showed patience during a news conference on Monday.
Corey Sipkin

Opponents have deduced a way to expose the Yankees lineup built in one dimension by the lack of a winger and a reluctance to move runners? No team saw less fastball. (Four walkers and two) Yanks are kept to the ground while striking every time a plate’s four appearances. (Worst in history) Items that helped overcome defensive flaws and their spin length – long ball – reduced: one homer every 30.7 at-bats versus one every 20.4. Last year

Perhaps, especially with the Rays, had deterred the Yankees, and when they left Al East, the guilt would be revived. That started on Tuesday night against Atlanta, although opponents’ starter Charlie Morton is quite familiar with keeping them happy as Astro and Ray.

“We trust our players, we believe in our process,” said Cashman.

Got it, but when the offense is going badly, why not upgrade your defense, IQ, baseball and lefty stance, especially when Brett Gardner is on the left, Mike Tokman is in the middle. And Kyle Higashioka enters the 50-50 catch, sharing with Gary Sanchez might as well give them better at-bats.

The Yankees wanted Clint Frazier to have a wider look. But is he a showcase warrior? Who will excel in the experimental camp and receive fifth overall enlistment due to their excellent bat speed and above-average foot speed and arm strength? Was he a compellingly different skilled group that didn’t create all the high-level players due to their inability to think and adapt in real time? Frazier is more capable than Gardner. But is he a better player, the one who helps the team win more often?

Hicks looks lost, I don’t know if the 2019 well-hit Tauchman is the real thing. I know he is the Yankees’ top stealing base threat as a better defender than Hicks and Gardner Tokman’s outfield and Aaron Judge might help a pitcher and basic runner. have Gardner and Tokman wore the bat that was at the slightest of hand and athleticism.

Sanchez is not the Yankees problem. He’s a misunderstood player because his body language imparts disinterestedness, he cares. But like Gardner to Frazier, Higashioka is less talented than Sanchez. But is it a better player? His defense has improved. And his bats are good Will that be true if more information is disclosed? Why not look at it by separating the handles?

I realized that Cashman was reluctant to change courses after 15 games, but the guilt was so dire, why not improve defense and diversity, and maybe even get a better production run?

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