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Facebook is testing a Clubhouse-inspired audio feature called Hotline.

Illustration for an article called Facebook Is Officially Beta Testing Hotline, an audio Q&A feature inspired by Clubhouse.

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Facebook on Wednesday Run the Hotline’s first public beta test. – A web-based Q&A platform that looks like it is a platform answer. present Voice chat app Mania.

Especially, Hotline is designed to serve as a sweetheart between Instagram Live and Clubhouse, TechCrunch report: The creator mentions the audience of the user, who will be able to answer questions by text or voice. Unlike the Clubhouse – which is treated as a file. Audio platform only – Hotline User will There is an option to open the camera during A visual element enhancement event for a voice-controlled experience.

Hotline is under development by Facebook’s NPE team, which oversees experimental app development within the company, and is leading the way. by Eric HazzardWho created the file Positive Focused Q&A App, tbh at facebook acq.uired before pivoting hotline..

g The public live stream about the app functionality on Wednesday is Led by real estate investor Nick Huber. Talking about Industrial real estate is a second source of income that should give you a good idea about. File type The creator& rdquo; Hotline will try to net when it is live. A close observer of the stream will Notice the Hotline interface looks a lot similar to Clubhouse in the speaker icon. It sits atop or astride the “audience” created by the listener whose profile appears under the live stream. (In the desktop version, viewers will be on the side)

Where the app differs from Clubhouse is its “audience” membership function, where the questions asked will appear in a list at the top of the stream that other users can choose. Vote or VoteThe creator will have the option to Pull the audience into “stagE ” The area to join them back and forth, which is closer to zoom in nature than its sound-only ancestors.

In a statement on Wednesday, Facebook declined to provide specific details on the Hotline launch date, but said the developers had received it. Are encouraged to see what new multimedia features and Format “Continues to help people connect and build communities& rdquo;

“With Hotline, we hope to understand how interactive multimedia Q & As can help people learn from experts in areas such as professional skills as well as help them build businesses.” The spokesperson said.

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