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Facebook plans first smartwatch for next summer with dual cameras

Facebook is taking a new approach with its first smartwatch. which the company has not confirmed publicly But there are currently plans to launch next summer. The device has a screen with two cameras that can be detached from the wrist to take photos and videos that can be shared via a suite of Facebook apps, including Instagram. the on the verge of learned

The watch’s front camera is primarily for video calls. While a 1080p camera with autofocus on the back can be used to capture images when removed from the stainless steel bezel on the wrist, Facebook is tapping other companies to create accessories for attaching the camera hub to things like backpacks. According to two people familiar with the project Both of them asked to remain anonymous to speak without permission from Facebook.

The idea is to encourage watch owners to use it in the form that their smartphones are currently using. It̵

7;s part of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s plan to create more consumer devices to circumvent Apple and Google, the creators of two prominent mobile platforms that largely control Facebook’s ability in access to people

The planned device is Facebook’s first stab at releasing wrist-specific hardware. That opens up a space to compete with Apple. While the two tech giants have conflicts on other fronts, Apple is aggressively positioning itself as a privacy defender by limiting the type of data that apps like Facebook can contain. Gathered, while Facebook has been besieged by scandals over handling user data for years. That dynamic could create an uphill battle for Facebook to convince people to buy its upcoming Apple Watch competitor. Especially since there are plans to position the watch as a fitness device with a heart rate monitor.

Facebook is working with the top wireless carriers in the US. To support LTE connectivity in the watch, this means it doesn’t need to be paired with a phone to use it. and can be sold in their stores The watch will come in white, black and gold, and Facebook hopes to start selling in low six-figure quantities. That’s a tiny fraction of the overall smartwatch market — Apple sold 34 million watches last year, by comparison, according to Counterpoint Research.

In the next generation of watches, Facebook is planning to act as the primary input device for its planned augmented reality glasses, which Zuckerberg thinks will one day be as ubiquitous as mobile phones. The company plans to use technology derived from CTRL-labs, a startup demonstrating a wristband that can control a computer through wrist movements.

Facebook aims to release the first watch in summer 2022, and is working on a second and third generation in the coming years. Employees recently discussed pricing the device at around $400, but the price point could change. While it’s unlikely, Facebook could have dropped the watch entirely. Because the device has not yet entered mass production. or even get an official name

Facebook’s history of hardware is erratic. The 2013 phone with HTC failed remarkably. Sales of the Oculus VR headset or the home portal video chat device have not yet been disclosed. In a recent interview, an executive said that sales of the Oculus Quest 2 headset surpassed all previous Oculus headsets put together.

Facebook’s interest in making smartwatches goes back at least a few years. Take a look at the Fitbit acquisitions in 2019, before Google buys wearables. since then The social network spent about $1 billion developing the first watch and hundreds of people worked on the effort. According to information from people who have knowledge of this matter

A Facebook spokesperson declined to comment on the matter. information Previously reported that Facebook is building a smartwatch with health and messaging features. But the details about the camera and other specifics on the subject are new.

Using a custom version of Google’s Android operating system, Facebook plans to rely on a suite of apps and external partners to create a compelling experience for the watch. This will include apps that are compatible with the phone. Still, Facebook’s wearable wrists that resonate with people are far from warranted. A smartwatch with a camera on it has yet to catch up, and Apple has reached a high-end market.

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