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Fairfax will move to Phase 2 as Northern Virginia is expected to open soon.

The most recent Northern Virginia area announced it will move to Phase 2 with the rest of the Commonwealth is Fairfax County. The county will begin vaccinating people 16 and older starting Sunday.

The most recent Northern Virginia area announced it will move to Phase 2 with the rest of the Commonwealth is Fairfax County.

According to an emergency report on Wednesday, anyone in the Fairfax Health District aged 16 and over is eligible for a direct vaccination appointment through the VaccineFinder.org Since sunday

“We are excited to take the next step in Phase 2 as our scheduling process for Phase 1 is going well. I am confident that the rescheduling process in Phase 2 will help because. Everyone will have the right, ”said Jeff McKay, chairman of the supervisory committee, in a statement.

The county will no longer accept registrations for the COVID-1

9 vaccine as the new system lists available appointments from accredited vaccine providers across the county, including health departments, pharmacies, hospitals. And some personal practice

Clinics managed by the Fairfax County Department of Health and some of its partners may not be in VaccineFinder Until late April or early May, because enough vaccines are available and need to be completed on the county waitlist, Fairfax County will contact those on the waitlist for an appointment.

McKay said he wanted to set expectations.

“The high immunization requirements in the Fairfax area, combined with the available vaccines, will continue to be a challenge, especially in the first week of Phase II. Get vaccinated, ”McKay said.

Fairfax County will join Loudoun County and the City of Alexandria, where Phase II vaccines have already begun.

The Ralph Northam government previously set April 18 as the deadline for all Virginia people over the age of 16 to be eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine.

The availability of the COVID-19 vaccine is expected to be available in Northern Virginia.

The coronavirus vaccine eligibility, availability and appointments in Northern Virginia are expected to be eased, according to a briefing received by the Washington State Governing Body on Wednesday.

“I think people in the coming weeks will be able to find open appointments online,” said Dr. Danny Ahwula, Virginia Vaccination Program Coordinator.

What’s more, appointment scheduling can become more difficult right away as the jurisdiction begins to move into Phase 2.

“I’m very confident that everyone who wants to be vaccinated will have that chance by the end of May,” Avula said.

Across the state, Avula said that about 37.5% of the state’s total population and about 50% of Virginians 16 or more had at least one COVID-19 shot.

Considering race and ethnic immunization, Avula admits that more jobs are needed.

The number of people in the Latino community being vaccinated corresponds to about 9% of the population, but in the African-American community, which makes up 19% of the population, approximately 14.5% are vaccinated.

Avula believes that increasing reliance on community cooperation and providing mobile vaccine clinic services may help.

“Churches, other networks on the ground, the NAACP faith community are all part of how we use the voices and influence of key stakeholders or networks to increase access to vaccination… We’ll do this for you. More in the weeks to come, ”Avula said.

The push for true herd immunity against the coronavirus depends on the child being vaccinated.

“We have just started contacting the pediatrician’s office,” Avula said.

He believes that vaccination, including children as young as 12, could be started in early fall or late summer, possibly earlier.

“Younger children up to age 2 were enrolled in clinical trials nationwide,” Avula said, noting that gathering enough data for them to initiate vaccination could take until late 2021 or early. Year 2022

As for the VA’s goal of herd immunity against 75% of people vaccinated?

“I think we’ll be going there with the adults by the end of the summer,” he said.

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