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Falcons trading Julio Jones with the Titans, Atlanta received second and fourth round picks.

Julio Jones wasn’t kidding. when he made it clear that he “On the outside” – speaking directly to his status with the Atlanta Falcons – he meant so and the crew made sure his prediction came true. After weeks (months?) of fielding offers and an active effort to find a mate to pay the asking price for future Hall of Fame recipients, the Falcons have traded 32 years with the Titans, with Tennessee confirming the move and the conditions fall. Con won the 2022 Titans’ second qualifying round and 2023 the Titans’ fourth qualifying round 2023, in addition to Jones. The Titans will also be selected for the Falcons̵

7; sixth round in 2023.

CBS Sports Insider Jason La Canfora pointed out that the Falcons were never picked for Jones more than a second round.

In Tennessee, seven-time Pro Bowler will join the Titans’ offense, which includes receivers AJ Brown and Josh Reynolds, quarterback Ryan Tannehill and two-time NFL champion Derrick Henry.

The Falcons are expected to wait until the calendar shifts to June to pull the trigger. based on salary division If the Falcons trade the Joneses before June 1, they will face a massive $23.25 million and lose $200,000 overall against their cap.

That’s going the wrong way. And losing Jones to do so was total nonsense. That coin reversed the movement on June 1, as the Falcons will now see the death penalty drop to $7.75 million and they will save $15.3 million, according to OverTheCap. It will seek a new deal after the rumored trade. But doing so might not only benefit him. but also for the titans Consider that it will allow them to spread their incoming hats over a longer period of time.

Ahead of the trade news, CBS Sports data scientist Stephen O predicted that 2021 wins in 2021 were 9.5 games. Tennessee’s predictions of wins are now 10.1, with According to the Oh report, the Titans’ odds of winning the AFC South Division for the second time in a row have increased from 40.7% to 50%, with the team’s odds of winning AFC up from 6.5%. to 9.4%. Conversely, the Falcons’ 2021 win forecast has dropped from 8.9 to 8.5 wins. Atlanta’s playoff odds have also dropped from 43.6% to 34.9%.

Jones is battling an injury in 2020 that has kept him playing just nine games. But he still produced 771 yards and he was stripped of 1,394 yards in just one season. Six touchdowns in 2019, which were followed by 1,677 yards, eight touchdowns two seasons ago. His career number (12,896 receiving yards and 60 touchdowns in 10 seasons from 848 catches) made him a downward Hall of Fame contender. The first scorer and he is unfinished ready to add his 58 games 100 yards or more when the regular season begins. in September.

Yes, Jones is 32 years old, but rumors of his slump may have been greatly exaggerated. And that’s why many teams call the Falcons. In the end, the Titans defeated the Falcons. And now Jones will wear another shirt for the first time in his illustrious NFL career.

Tennessee backed the offensive game during the draft by picking former North Dakota forward Dillon Radance with his 53rd overall pick, adding Jones should support the past Titans. Attacking, finishing 23rd in the NFL in 2020, he will strengthen the offense for the Titans who finished fifth in the league with third down performance and second and red zone performance last season.

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