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The story of the collapse of the current Arecibo telescope is well known on August 10, 2020, a steel cable supporting a 900-ton platform that sits high above a broken plate at one end and falls into the plate. A second support cable was broken on Nov. 6, and the National Science Foundation said the repair attempt was too dangerous: Arecibo would be dismantled on Dec. 1, fate took control as more cables were broken and The platform collapsed into the plate. The loss has disappointed scientists around the world, although Arecibo was 57 years old, but Arecibo remained a scientific pioneer. People are familiar with the iconic dishes from the movies such as contact and Golden eyesI still feel the loss And it̵

7;s bittersweet for the people of Puerto Rico accepting hosting a tech wonder. Some experts think manufacturing defects or poor maintenance will doom the suspension cables. Others blamed the dwindling capital levels. But astronomers are looking into the future. Last month, researchers announced plans to build a new $ 400 million telescope at the same site.

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