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Far right about the rally held a warning. ‘It’s a trap’

Pro-Trump activists who support the Jan. 6 protests that have turned into a deadly Capitol Riot are trying to stay away from future unrest as politicians and law enforcement officials prepare for further violence ahead of its launch.

Extremist experts have highlighted January 17, as well as the inauguration and surrounding days as a potentially violent flashpoint. First-day threats included the “Million Militia March” encouraging armed Trump supporters to descend from the online DC A flyers that called for “armed marches on Capitol Hill and state agencies.” All ”on January 1

7 has been referred to. The protest, although it was unclear where the flyer came from or how much traction it received on the right

Capitol police officers were not given the opportunity this time. They briefed Democrats late Monday on potential threats, including plans for “the largest armed protest ever to take place in American territory” and alleged plans for “the largest armed protest ever to take place in American territory”. Prevent Democrats from reaching Congress or killing them immediately for Republicans to take over the government.

Democrats have also been warned about a common threat to violence against politicians and police, according to a person familiar with the briefing, first reported by HuffPost and confirmed by The Daily Beast.

So far, however, the public online debate about the Jan. 17 protests has been seen much less than the discussions on the pro-Trump forums that preceded the January 6 riots.

“We don’t see the same level of online talk about attending those events,” said Lindsay Schubiner, program director of the Western States Center, a group that tracks extremist groups in the Pacific Northwest.

However, Schubiner added that discussions of further protests or violence that led to the launch could move to less public online locations as social media companies crack down on extremist groups.

“We are in great danger of political violence and it’s hard to tell exactly what will happen or when,” Schubiner said. “But everything we see makes us very worried.”

As thousands of National Guard forces flood in Washington, Trump supporters have suggested without evidence that the proposed January 17 rally was a trick to trap MAGA fans.

The Gateway Pundit, a right-wing scam block, whose owners were invited to the Trump White House, suggested the Jan. 17 protests were a “deep-level plot” intended to set the stage for the arrest of Trump supporters. Many camps Mark Taylor, a former firefighter who became the far-right star after receiving a “prediction” that Trump would be elected, warned more than 185,000 followers on Tuesday to stay away from protests when January 17

“These people call a peaceful armed protest in every state capital, and DC 17 is an establishment by the Left,” Taylor tweeted on Tuesday. “Don’t go! It’s a trap !! ”

A number of Trump supporters claim that even the flyer’s graphic design, displayed in red with the Statue of Liberty in the foreground, is proof that it is a scheme intended to harm Trump and his allies.

“There is no organizer on the list and the Patriots seem to be not disclosed,” Arizona State Representative Kelly Townsend (R) tweeted on Tuesday.

That paranoia has filtered down to the state level. The Minnesota group, which recently held “Stop The Steal” in the state capital, issued a Facebook warning to followers about the Jan. 17 event.

“This is an infiltration and strategy used to incite violence and blame us,” wrote the group, which organized Minnesota’s “Storm the Capitol” event on January 6. “Don’t go to the Capitol on Sunday! ”

The group told The Daily Beast that it advised people to stay home on Jan. 17 on Facebook. The group shared posters for the Jan. 17 event and suggested that they were the plot of “Anarchy.” However, those posters were received. Intensely disseminated by members of the Boogaloo Movement, the Liberal Front devoted to the Civil War. Although the Boogaloo movement has been promoting the event since last month. But at least it looks like some members will be re-evaluated following the Jan. 6 riots, with news website Boogaloo running a statement from alleged organizers claiming a repeat of the DC rally. cancel.

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