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Far-right France loses key regional elections

A handful of far-right candidates lost Sunday’s French regional elections, hurting the party’s ambitions to win control in the region. And it weakens the president’s desire for elections next year.

The Associated Press reported that the far-right National Rally Party received just 20 percent of the vote nationwide, reflecting the party’s persistent general dissatisfaction in France.

None of France’s 12 regions changed political parties on Sunday. With mainstream political parties dominating their region, the AP noted that voters and politicians are celebrating a concerted effort to stop far-right parties from gaining power.

Right-wing politician Xavier Bertrand celebrated that far-right national rallies were not only “halted”

; but “we made it very far back”.

Fellow right-wing lawmaker Laurent Wauquiez said the far-right “There is no room for prosperity” in his Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

Voters may be deferred by racist images. anti-Semitic And against immigration, the National Rally, formerly known as the National Front, failed to shake off despite efforts.

The AP noted that voters were few this year, with only a third of those who voted. This could damage the right wing’s chances of winning. Polls have suggested that the national rally has some momentum. But the result turned out to be something else.

National rally leader Marine Le Pen admits her party has failed to win any victory. and said she would look forward to the presidential elections next year, the AP reported, commenting on the next election. “Looks like an election that gives an opportunity. for political and political change.”

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