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Fauci stated that the US did not want it. ‘Vaccine passport’ COVID-19

Dr Anthony Fosy said Monday that the U.S. government does not want Americans to use vaccine passports to prove they have been vaccinated against the coronavirus.

The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases said the federal government “may play a part in making sure things are done fairly and equally”.

“But I wonder if the government will take the lead in this,” Fauci told the podcast “Politico Dispatch”.

Fauci said he expects some businesses and educational institutions to set their own policies on vaccination.

“I’m not saying they should or should. But I’m saying that you can guess what an independent agency will say. ̵

6;We can’t get in touch with you unless we know you’ve been vaccinated,’ but it won’t get a federal mandate, ”he said.

Andy Slavitt, a senior adviser to the White House’s COVID-19 response team, also previously said the Biden administration was merely advising the private sector on how to develop so-called passports.

“The government does not view it as a place to organize passports or as a place to store information for citizens. We view this as what the private sector is doing and we will do what is important to us, ”he said in a press release.

“And we are leading an interagency process now to look into these details and some key criteria will meet these No. 1 credentials with equal access. That means whether or not people have access to the technology or not, ”he added.

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