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FBI testimony: Trump supporters reveal evidence of ‘Nice FBI Lady’

  • The FBI’s testimony handed in details this week that a Trump supporter participating in the congressional blockade had sent evidence of potential crimes to FBI agents.
  • In an email to the defendant called the “Nice FBI Lady,” he attached several videos allegedly showing his voice and footage recorded inside and outside the city hall.
  • The defendant, Kevin Lyons, also told officers how he walked into the office of “Master” Nancy Pelosi after entering the Capitol.
  • Lyons have been charged with “entering or being in a deliberately restricted building or area without legal authority”
    ; and “violent entry and run of disorder in the parliamentary area”.
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Federal officials have arrested more than 30 people since supporters of President Donald Trump attacked U.S. authorities last week to halt the peaceful transfer of power.

In an affidavit to one defendant this week, the FBI detailed that he had sent evidence of a potential crime to an officer, he said. “Nice FBI Lady” and how he went into the office of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

According to the defendant’s testimony, Kevin Lyons posted several photos on social media showing his plans to attend a Jan. 6 rally in Washington, D.C., headlined by the president. Trump has been widely accused of inciting a congressional uprising at his rallies, during which he called on supporters to march to City Hall to “fight” the 2020 election results and “take back our country.” “

One photo Lyons posted on his Instagram account is a screenshot of a map showing directions from Lyons’ home in the Chicago area to Washington, DC. In the caption, Lyons wrote, “HEAD DC to STOP THE STEAL. ! ”Following the coup attempt, Lyons posted another picture on the social media platform with a wooden sign with the words” Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi “, the caption of Lyon accompanied by the picture. Said “Which house?!?!? Our house !! “

The FBI’s testimony said that when officials questioned Lyon about the second image on Jan. 8 – two days after the riot, he expressed his surprise that investigators discovered it because it was up to his account. Just an hour before being taken off, Lyons added that he couldn’t. “Guaranteed he posted it” but also showed the same picture of the agent he recorded on the phone to the officer.

He also “dodged” about whether he had entered government agencies, the document said. But told the officer that he had a “dream” he saw, “a lot of door smashing, paper was thrown, and a large crowd of people.” “There’s not much choice where they go because of the crowds,” and if he’s in the city hall, it takes about 45 minutes.

Lyons also showed footage of the representative recorded in the town hall. When asked if he was willing to send the video to the FBI, the defendant said the file was too large to send and offered to upload the video to YouTube and send a link instead.

“Hi good FBI lady, here’s a link to the video,” Lyons said in an email to the FBI Special Agent Land, according to the credentials. Any Kevin Lyons “

The “Podium Guy” is a reference to another pro-Trump rebel, Adam Johnson, who was photographed holding Pelosi’s podium from City Hall and has since been arrested. The lecture was lost as well.

The FBI’s affidavit said the three videos Lyon were transmitted through images of people inside and outside the city hall and his voices could be heard throughout.

In an interview with FBI officials on Jan. 8, Lyons provided a detailed description of the trip to Washington, D.C., marched to government agencies with a group of Trump supporters and entered. The town hall roam around the building and into the “great boss” office.

“Lyon was asked if this was a reference to Nancy Pelosi and he said yes,” the affidavit said. Based on Lyons’ description of the incident he attended, the FBI believes there is a possible reason to charge him with a breach of federal law that prohibits people from deliberately entering or staying in buildings or areas. Restricted without legal authority to do so And violates federal laws that severely prohibit entry and conduct disorderly in the area of ​​government agencies.

Lyon appeared to a judge after being arrested on federal charges this week and released on a $ 10,000 bond.Lawrence Wolf Levin, his court-appointed attorney, did not say anything at the trial. The Chicago Tribune reported, Levin did not immediately respond to Business Insider requests for comment.

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