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FDA Approves Diabetes Drug for Weight Loss – NBC4 Washington

Improved version of popular diabetes drug which was given in higher doses to combat obesity. It was the first prescription drug for weight loss to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration in seven years.

Wegovy is a synthetic hormone that controls hunger. Patients injected under the skin once a week.

Dr. Domenica Rubino, director of the Washington Center for Weight Management and Research in Arlington. Virginia Participated in the study, registered and followed two dozen patients.

“It mimics the hormones we have. but in larger quantities So it tells the brain that we’re not hungry,” Rubino said.

This medication is for use in adults who are obese or have a BMI of 27 or higher and have one or more weight-related medical conditions, such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol. Like other diet pills This medication is used with diet and exercise.

More than half of the trial participants lost 1

5-20 percent of their weight.

“I’ve been working in this field for about 20 years and this is the first time we’ve seen significant weight loss in some people,” Rubino said, “and the reason it really matters is that there are so many medical conditions involved. With obesity we need more weight loss … when we start looking for fatty liver disease. Sleep apnea, PCOS, osteoarthritis We need more than 15 percent and that’s what everyone is excited about. That is, we can help more people in this way.”

Life changes, not just for me. but also for my husband because i can lose this weight I can be a living kidney donor for him.

Marlene Greenleaf

Marlene Greenleaf, 58, of Fort Washington, Maryland, says she has been trying to lose weight and hold back for years.

“I’ve done Weight Watchers. I’ve made Jenny Craig clean soup, smoothie cleansing. The nuances of the keto diet and nothing really works,” she said.

She joined Wegovy’s clinical trial and lost 43 pounds in one year.

“It’s slow but it’s progressing,” she said, “so every time I go in and get weighed. Some weeks I won’t lose any weight at all. But I never gained any weight back. which for me is an important part.”

There are additional benefits to her weight loss.

“Life changes not just for me but also for my husband because I was able to lose this weight I was able to become a living kidney donor for him,” she said.

Two years after the clinical trial The married mother of two has now stopped using drugs. and said that she was able to lose most of the weight

“I’m not showing any signs of diabetes anymore,” she said. I can go out and do things I never thought I would do.”

Greenleaf said she plans to get Wegovy as soon as it goes to market.

Wegovy’s most common side effects are digestive problems such as nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting, and usually go away on their own.

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